Yasir Hussain: ‘From Mahira Khan to Imran Khan, Everybody Gets Trolled’

Yasir Hussain talked about the ugly side of social media and said that nobody is safe from the wrath of trolls.

Yasir Hussain

Cyberbullying and trolling is a serious issue and in recent years, we have seen it fester like a wound. In a recent interview, Yasir Hussain talked about this ugly side of social media and said that nobody is safe from the wrath of trolls.

The Jhooti actor was recently invited to The Mazedaar Show which is hosted by Faizan Sheikh and Aadi Adeal Amjad. Being aware of Yasir’s controversial statements and his witty replies to the trolls, the hosts asked him why is he often associated with ‘controversies’.

To this, the Baandi star said:

“If I am stirring up controversies, does the public not want to see it? Controversies are sold because people are buying it.”

He went on to add that even though something isn’t controversial, it is termed as a ‘controversy’ because of the hype it creates on the Internet.


Yasir Hussain shares his thoughts on cyberbullying

The actor was also asked to share his thoughts on cyberbullying and how he deals with it.

“From Mahira Khan to [PM] Imran Khan, everyone gets trolled on digital platforms. Nobody is safe from the wrath of the trolls”.

But we all know that Yasir Hussain is actually quite good with his words and he knows how to shut down a troll. He said that he only replies back to trolls, when he has spontaneous answers, otherwise, he doesn’t take them seriously.

You can watch the interview here:


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