Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi’s Quirky Wedding Anniversary [Video]

A lovely couple indeed

Pakistani actress, director and writer Yasra Rizvi celebrates her third wedding anniversary with Abdul Hadi. It’s been three years since the couple tied the knot in an intimate and humble wedding ceremony in 2016. Back then this caused a variety of reactions from fans and media.

Three years and counting the couple is going strong with their strong bond of love and friendship. Yesterday, Yasra posted a cute video of husband, Abdul Hadi where she asks him about his experience of being married to Yasra. To which, Abdul Hadi replied,

“It’s very thrilling. You get to experience many things and emotions which you are not able to experience in normal life.”

Yasra posted this video on her Instagram handle captioned;

“How is it being married to me? Abdul Hadi spills the beans. Happy 3 years love. May we prosper and grow together forever! P.s. I continue to be ‘thrilling’ and he knows the art of being truthful without offending me or anyone in very few words, thats how its working out!”

As a quirky way to express her love for her husband the poet used the hashtag #shadikesideeffects,


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Here’s the video of Abdul Hadi’s short interview with Yasra Rizvi.



About Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi

Yasra’s marriage to Abdul Hadi was an exciting event for both the families and for her fans too. Yasra is ten years older than her husband and this age difference was talked among the people for days. For some, it was ‘woke couple goals’, for traditionalists though it rubbed them the wrong way.

In the end, none of that matters and the couple stood strong and we were happy to see them bloom with this marital milestone.


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Unlike most celebrity weddings, Yasra’s wedding ceremony was really simple and she too opted for a natural and simple wedding look.

The couple looked gorgeous and they still shine brightly as they did on their wedding day. Congratulations to both of them and we wish their love blossom with every passing day.

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