Yasra Rizvi’s Weight Loss Journey Was Not a Bed of Roses [Video]

She narrates her story.

yasra rizvi

Yasra Rizvi is an incredibly talented star of our country. She is a phenomenal actress and an amazing writer and poetess.

She is known for speaking up her mind and is a perfect embodiment of ‘bold and beautiful.’

In her recent interview with Iffat Omar, Yasra Rizvi talked about a lot of things that Pakistani society isn’t ready to face yet.

She also talked about her life and experiences and shared some tragic details behind her weight loss journey.

“People ask me a lot about my weight loss but I don’t know how to answer that. When I was seven years old my eldest brother died and it was a big tragedy for my life. I think my adult life began somewhere around that time. I developed depression and I have dealt with it all my life.”

“With this, came a lot of comfort eating and binge eating and by the time I took my weight seriously, I had already gained 20 kg,” she further added.

Her weight was never consistent and she constantly had to push herself towards her goals.

“My weight fluctuated between 83 and 60 kg. It had become that drastic for me. I used to take my physical and mental health seriously, but then 6 years ago, I lost my youngest brother.  By the time my weight loss involved therapy and medication. So, my weight loss is not common. I had to work on my weight rigorously and I still do.”

You can check out her interview here:



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