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You Can Now Enjoy Your Favorite Movies in Pakistan’s First Modern Open Air Cinema

Something different for movie lovers in Pakistan.

open-air rooftop theater

While Pakistan does have open-air theaters they’re mostly just mostly makeshift open venues that can be used for any number of performances including a movie screening. Now Nueplex Cinemas, a popular chain of cinema houses in Pakistan has just launched an open-air rooftop theater in Karachi.

These pictures of the new open air cinema are already making cinephiles drool over in anticipation.

open-air rooftop theater
Pakistan’s first open-air rooftop theater

Despite open-air screening venues, Pakistan didn’t have a dedicated open-air movie theater, not even a drive-in one. Until now that is.

Pakistan does have many other movie theaters that offer a different kind of experience from the standard cinemas. For example, there are theaters with recliner chairs where you can recline your sofa seat like in first-class seats in a plane.


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Now we have one more way of experiencing our favorite movies with our friends and family.


Pakistan’s First Open-air Rooftop Movie Theater

open-air rooftop theater
Hobbs & Shaw test screening at open-air rooftop theater

Nueplex Cinemas has launched Pakistan’s first open-air rooftop theater. The cinema is located on the rooftop of Nueplex DHA. However, it is not fully functional yet.

The idea of a rooftop cinema may seem impractical to some but we can’t deny its pretty unique in its own way though. Watch a movie and get some fresh air (two birds, one stone).

The screen at Nueplex DHA rooftop


open-air rooftop theater
The chairs and seating arrangements.


Test screening at the movie theater


Amid all the other ideas for a unique cinema-going experience, this one is most understandable. You can watch a movie in this open-air theater with headphones on.

Seats at Nuplex rooftop theater


open-air rooftop theater
Movie-goers will use headphones at the rooftop theater to avoid noise complaints

Guess this takes care of noise complaints, that too in a big city like Karachi.

For movie fans, Nueplex says that they will have to wait for a bit before they can offer tickets for this one-of-a-kind experience. According to some social media posts, the price for one ticket will go Rs 900 per person.

open-air rooftop theater
The screen on rooftop of Nuplex DHA, Karachi

open-air rooftop theater

We can’t wait to see how the whole experience stacks up.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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