Your Camping Trip to Swat Just Got a Lot Easier with these Fully-Featured Pods

Staying in Swat made easier. Thanks to camping pods.

As the mercury goes up every year, most of us Pakistanis want to pack up and head to the North. Not only do we city dwellers get to escape from the brutal summer heat, we also get to go on an adventure of a lifetime.

Thankfully, the northern areas of Pakistan are famous and serve as a tourist magnet all the year round. With mountaineers coming in for expeditions in the chillier months, to tourists and natives alike seeking out the green peaks for the summer, the north has got everyone covered.

While people on the other side of the globe flock to the tropics for the summer, our idea of a vacation is unique to our environment. We prefer cooler climes mostly.

The scenic landscape and cool aura of the region is a sight for sore eyes, especially  for urban dwellers. The problem is that in a place that is perfect for camping, some people stay holed up in their hotel, due to the difficulties that arise while camping in these forests.

Until now that is.

Housing Pods for Campers

To solve this issue for travelers, Tourism Corporation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to offer the best of both worlds for visitors. The corporation has set up camping pods in Bishigram, Swat that offer the comfort of a proper residence without taking away from the whole camping experience.

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These camping pods come with tented kitchens, washrooms, double and quadruple beds and even a children’s play area.

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Functionally AND Fully-Featured

The whole thing looks pretty nice. And the fact that all these pods are lined up is adorable. Now you can have pod neighbors like all those camping movies you saw as a child (you know, the ones that introduces us to the likes of Nick Jonas and Demi Lavato).

As a grown up, you must be thinking about how these good things could cost you. The good news is that you can get these pods for:

  • Rs 2,500 rupees per night for double beds
  • Rs 4,000 rupees for four beds.

Its good that these pods don’t cost you more than the average rate of accommodation in that region. However, do take note that the prices of these camping pods do rise with the mercury as more people head up north.

Naturally, increase in demand causes the rent of these pods to shoot up. Besides Bishigram, Swat, these pods have also been placed in Sharan (Mansehra), Tandyani (Abbottabad) and Yakh Tangi (Shangla).

We’ll be seeing more of these pods in other places as the government’s aim is to accommodate as many tourists as possible.


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