YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys His Dream Car Worth Rs. 5 Crores

He fulfills his dream of owning an Audi e-tron GT

Ducky Bhai, a prominent YouTuber and social media personality in Pakistan, has garnered a substantial following through his channel where he has been consistently sharing videos for a long time. In his recent vlog, Ducky Bhai enthusiastically discussed his aspiration for a dream car and shared this exciting news with his devoted fans.

The vehicle, belonging to the 2023 model year, comes with a lavish price tag of a whopping 5 crore Pakistani rupees.

Interestingly, Ducky Bhai highlighted in his vlog that he was unwilling to settle for a car worth 10 or 50 lakh rupees, his determination was unwavering in securing a 5 crore rupee car.

Ducky Bhai’s emotional response upon acquiring his new car was palpable. His eyes seemed to glisten with tears. His experience unquestionably proved the immense joy he felt.

Concluding the video, Ducky Bhai expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his fans as well as those who recently joined his journey. He extended a message to all his followers, emphasizing the significance of steadfast diligence, regardless of their professions. He encouraged them to persevere, assuring them that hard work would undoubtedly pave the way to the realization of their aspirations and dreams.