Yumna Zaidi Shares Her Diet Plan For Weight Loss and We Are Taking Notes!

Yumna Zaidi shared tips for smooth weight loss journey

Losing weight is such a tough task especially in the month of Ramazan when we are surrounded by the most delicious food ever. But Dar Si Jaati Hae Sila actress, Yumna Zaidi has proved that if one remains focused and committed then they can do anything!


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Although Yumna does not even think about dieting when she is with her family in the US, she does in fact becomes more disciplined in Pakistan. Unfortunately, she is also among those people who can put on weight very easily hence she has to be extra careful. Yumna has a strict exercise and diet regimen that she tries to follow.

As a result of the healthy lifestyle, Yumna reduced up to 10 Kgs weight within a matter of few months.

Diet plan of Yumna Zaidi

If you are curious to know about Yumna Zaidi’s diet plan then here is a complete breakdown for you. The starlet takes a lukewarm glass of water with lemon as soon as she wakes up because it stabilizes the metabolic system.

She then starts rigorous work out which includes a lot of cardio exercises. If she does not go to the gym, Yumna makes sure to exercise for at least 25 minutes. No matter in which corner of the world she is, this session is crucial for her. This workout session only includes physical exercises and she does not rely on any machine.


After this heavy workout, the actress has a simple breakfast that includes an apple and almonds. At lunch, she opts for pulses or chicken whereas in the evening she prefers having grapefruit juice. The last meal of the day is very light and the starlet only has a tikka or kebab with a biscuit.

Although, everybody’s dietary needs are different but this easy plan for Yumna’s is not a bad option to follow if you want to shed a few extra pounds before Eid!

Here is the complete video


Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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