Zainab Jamil Bids Farewell to Showbiz to Focus on Her Religion

We won’t be seeing her as an actress or a model anymore.

Zainab Jamil

Pakistani model and actress Zainab Jamil, has announced that she has said goodbye to the glamorous world of showbiz to learn more about the teachings of Islam.

As a model, Zainab has worked with several fashion designers and she has appeared in several dramas such as Sada Sukhi Raho, Susral Meri Bahen Ka, Manchli and Aapki Kaneez.


However, she has now decided to part ways with showbiz as she wants to continue her life as a student of ‘Quran and Hadees’.

Taking to her Instagram, she thanked Allah Almighty for allowing her the privilege to learn more about her religion. She wrote,

“I proudly announce that I won’t be continuing my career as actor and model. Alhamdolillah, Allah has chosen me to become student of Quran and Hadees and learn more about our deen Islam”


Last month, Anam Malik had quit her modeling career and shared that she has embraced hijab. She didn’t reveal any details, however, she promised to address the matter in the future.

“INSHALLAH, I will talk about it and will share my journey very soon but right now I am exploring a lot of new things, trying to educate myself and I need some time for it,” she said.



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