Zara Naeem Dar Shares Heartwarming Note for All the Males in Her Family

Especially her father Naeem Dar.

Zara Naeem Dar is a brilliant and stunning Pakistani who made her country Pakistan proud by securing the highest marks in the ACCA exams in December 2020.

Zara Naeem Dar

She remained a topper throughout her educational career and always stands to her parent’s expectations. And she gives credit for all her achievements to the strong pillars of her family who have always supported her and appreciated her in every aspect of her life.

Recently the social media star shared a heartwarming note for all the male counterparts of her family for helping her reach where she is now today.

She wrote,

for my people that i look up to 💕


Behind every aspiring daughter, there’s a father, a brother, an uncle, a male counterpart- a man who supports her. For myself, I can say I wouldn’t have been so brave, so comfortable yet courageous if it wasn’t for my father.

For these fatherly figures standing by me through the worst in life when I couldn’t stand for myself, helped me build the confidence to face the world and aim upwards only, I couldn’t have been luckier. 🙏🏻

And most importantly, being raised in a family where fathers and uncles support their daughters’, wellbeing and growth, just like their sons’, there’s nothing more a girl can ask for.

In the end, she said a little prayer for all of them, “May Allah protect them from the evil eye, and may they live and prosper in good health and with grace. Ameen”.

Besides studying, she is also a makeup enthusiast and time and again shares makeup tutorials with her fans and followers on her social media account. Zara is also the niece of former cricketer and umpire Aleem Dar.

Zara Naeem, Dananeer and Nida Yasir

She was invited to Nida Yasir‘s Morning Show where she spelled out what it takes to be a remarkable student after her great achievement.