ProPropertyNewsBhara Kahu Bypass Project Marks Significant Milestone as All 156 Girders are Successfully Installed

Bhara Kahu Bypass Project Marks Significant Milestone as All 156 Girders are Successfully Installed

ISLAMABAD: The Bhara Kahu Bypass and Flyover Project team have garnered accolades for successfully launching all 156 girders, a crucial step in the project’s progress.

The chairman of the Capital Development Authority, Noor ul Amin Mengal, confirmed the achievement via his official Twitter account, expressing gratitude for the accomplishment.

The project’s development has been akin to a tumultuous journey, punctuated by instances of public criticism.

Despite the turbulent journey, the successful launch of all the girders underlines the team’s determination and commitment to the project.

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However, the project, unfortunately, was plagued previously by several on-site accidents that led to delays in the scheduled timelines.

To mitigate any further mishaps, the team took an unconventional route, performing a traditional ritual involving the sacrifice of a goat, a common practice in some cultures for warding off future accidents.

The completion of this crucial stage of the Bhara Kahu Bypass and Flyover Project brings hope of reducing the public inconvenience caused by traffic congestion in the region.

With all the girders now successfully launched, the project seems to be on the right track, and it’s expected to significantly enhance transportation and commuting in the region upon completion.


  1. الحمد للہ
    اب اس پراجیکٹ کے مکمل ھونے کی کیا تاریخ ھے؟

  2. I use this road twice a day, 5 days a week, and this news comes as music to my ears. Thank you ICT and CDA for relentlessly working on this project and keeping it on schedule.

  3. ماشاءاللہ این ایل سی کی ٹیم کو خراج تحسین پیش
    کرتا ہوں دن رات محنت کر رہیں اے اللہ باراہ کہو پروجیکٹ کو بحفاظت مکمل فرما اس پروجیکٹ پر کام کرنے والی ٹیم کو ہر طرح کی مصیبت اور پریشانی سے بچائے آمین آمین آمین

  4. I use this route twice a day everyday. IA soon crossing bhara kahu will be a matter of couple minutes.

  5. Will someone like to answer me who is responsible for deaths of individuals who died when this bridge collapsed twice?

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