ProPropertyNewsBusiness Delegation Meets CDA Chairman to Discuss Development Challenges in Islamabad

Business Delegation Meets CDA Chairman to Discuss Development Challenges in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: A prominent delegation from the business community, led by Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan, former President of ICCI, CEO of The Centaurus, and current president of IDA, met with the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Anwar-ul-Haq, on Thursday.

The primary agenda of the meeting was to present recommendations to address the challenges faced by developers in Islamabad. The suggestions were aimed at ensuring global standards are met and fostering comprehensive development in the capital city.

The Islamabad Developer Association (IDA), a collective of developers and stakeholders, is dedicated to promoting sustainable and efficient development practices in Islamabad. Their goal is to ensure the city’s growth aligns with international standards and contributes to its overall prosperity.

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During the discussion, Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan lauded the CDA’s efforts in urban development and the maintenance of the city’s infrastructure. He recognized the challenges of managing a rapidly expanding city and stressed the importance of ongoing enhancements to ensure sustainable growth.

The IDA provided a series of suggestions to the CDA, focusing on streamlining real estate project development processes. Key recommendations included revising the Building Regulation 2020, addressing issues related to building approvals, completion certificates, and the need for fire equipment capable of tackling blazes above 200ft.

The delegation also highlighted the importance of digitizing CDA services, emphasizing its potential in mitigating challenges faced by developers, reducing corruption, and enhancing overall efficiency.

The meeting signifies a collaborative step towards ensuring that Islamabad’s development is in line with global standards and meets the needs of its growing population.

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