ProPropertyNewsCapital Police Officer Ensures Smooth Traffic Flow at Margalla Road Construction Site

Capital Police Officer Ensures Smooth Traffic Flow at Margalla Road Construction Site

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Police Officer (CPO) of Safe City visited the construction site of Margalla Road on Sunday to oversee the traffic situation and ensure a smooth flow of vehicles.

Accompanied by SP Traffic, the officers assessed the area near E-11 Chowk on Margalla Road.

The primary objective of the visit was to ensure efficient traffic management and the safety of commuters during the construction phase.

The CPO emphasized the importance of obtaining proper permissions from the relevant authorities before implementing any traffic diversions.

He also stressed the need for dedicated traffic personnel at diversion points to minimize inconvenience for citizens.

“Our top priority is to maintain a seamless traffic flow and prevent any accidents that could result in loss of life or property,” stated the CPO Safe City.

He further added, “We are fully committed to providing the best possible travel facilities to the citizens of Islamabad.”

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To keep the public well-informed and facilitate their travel plans, the Islamabad Capital Police have utilized various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and FM Radio 92.4, to share traffic-related updates.

He advised that citizens must follow these platforms for regular updates and advised to allocate an additional 15 minutes for their travel time to avoid delays.

For the prompt resolution of any traffic-related concerns, citizens have been urged to contact the dedicated helpline of the Islamabad Capital Police, Pukar-15.

It is worth noting that the police have conducted 335 road safety workshops during the ongoing year.

These workshops have provided education on traffic rules and road safety to 112,030 individuals, including driving learner permit holders and traffic rule violators.

The workshops target driving license applicants, volunteers, students, and staff from various government and non-government organizations.

Source: DAWN

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