ProPropertyNewsCDA Approves Multiple Development Projects in Islamabad

CDA Approves Multiple Development Projects in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved several new development projects worth billions of rupees aimed at improving the living standards of urban and rural residents in Islamabad.

At a Development Working Party (DWP) meeting, the PC-I of an Rs. 10.5 billion scheme was approved for development work in rural areas, extending the scope of uplift projects to rural areas.

The project will focus on repairing roads, water supply systems, street pavements, and sanitation systems in rural areas and is expected to be completed within two years.

CDA has also approved the Chatta Bakhtawar Housing Scheme worth Rs. 2,120 million, and another project worth Rs. 1,424 million for the construction of a two-lane flyover at Rawat T-Chowk from N-5 Gujar Khan side to the Islamabad Highway.

This flyover construction is expected to be completed within nine months of this year.

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CDA has approved a revised PC-I for the Islamabad bus service project, costing at least Rs. 9,614 million, and a project worth Rs. 2,573 million to purchase new machinery for the sanitation directorate.

Additionally, a PC-I worth Rs. 142 million has been approved for a link road between Garden Avenue and Murree Road through the Margalla underpass.

However, this link road may face a setback as it crosses through Shakarparian, where construction is not allowed.

In the past, the Supreme Court had halted the construction of the cricket stadium in the same area.

CDA has also approved a PC-I worth Rs. 4,109 million for the expansion of Srinagar Highway from 7th Avenue to Serena Chowk with the construction of an underpass.


  1. 10th avenue construction project is being delayed for unknown reasons, authority is requested to take pity on the residents of the sector I-10 and complete it timely.

    1. Nullah passing near streets 20, 22, 25 and 26 of G- 10/2 is emitting very bad smell which has compelled the residents of the area to sell their houses. Kindly either lay pipes in the nullah or force the people to close the sewerage lines . The concerned staff may also be advised to clean the nullah to ensure fast flow of the dirty water.

  2. Amazing, while current running projects are being left uncompleted including sector development and approvals given for new projects.

  3. Water supply project in Chattar and Karlot area must be on top priority becoz people here are in miserable condition .

  4. Kahuta road project is also very important from kak bridge to gt road. Kindly approve this project, I will be very thankful to you

    1. At the first instance CDA should give attention in development of sector e 12 left unattended since 1989

      1. What about further development of E sector like E-13 & E-14 along with long outstanding E-12. CDA should take projects by giving priority to sectors development and giving quality living to rural Islamabad.

  5. ایک بات کتنے دکھ کی ہے کہ اور کتنی تکلیف دہ ہے کہ سی ڈی اے ہمیشہ سے حکمران اور ایلیٹ کلاس کے لئے کام کرتا ہے۔جو لوگ ہر چیز پر ٹیکس دے دے کر نڈھال اور مرنے والے ہو گئے ہیں ان کے لئے کوئی نہیں سوچ رہا اس وقت سب سے بڑا مسلہ غریب اور عام عوام کے لئے اپنا گھر نہ ہونا ہے۔ادھی کمائی گھر کے کرایہ پر خرچ ہو جاتا ہے۔ اور اجکل اس ظلم کی مہنگائی یے کہ برداشت نہیں ہو رہی ۔اس مسلہ کو فوری حل کرنے کی ضرورت ہے۔ایک اور مسلہ لتراڑ روڈ اور اس سے اگے کے رہائشیوں کو ہے کہ ہزاروں لوگ جو روزانہ روات والی سائیڈ پر کام کاج کرتے ہیں ان کو انے جانے کے لئے کھنہ پل کی طرف سے ہو کر جانا پڑتا ہے اس مسلہ کو حل کرنے کے لئے ضروری ہے کہ اسلام آباد پرانا ایئرپورٹ کے پاس سے یا پی ڈبلیو ڈی کے پاس سے ڈ ائریکٹ لتراڑ روڈ سے روڈ نکالی جانے ۔جس سے مخلوق کے لئے آسانی ہو ں ہ

    1. Bht achi sugetion ha ali poor ya tramri sa rwat ko road mily to is sa khanna wali road or express high way pa b load kam ho jay ga .
      2ndly khana pull pa rahri bano sa bhatta khori band kar k tajawuzat ko khtam kiya jay ta k trafic jam sa jan choot sky awaam ki.
      CDA ahlkar 150 rupy per rahri wasool kar rhriyan lagwaty

  6. Thank God , Chatta bakhtawar housing scheme is to be started.
    We the affectees waited for five years, since 2019, we have been living in our rented houses, after demolishing our inbuilt properties and ancestral land.

  7. If only they had the brains to regulate traffic laws first, for example right lane to be designated as the fast lane on all roads, and also international rules of round abouts to be uniformly, that would have been so much better!!!! Our priorities are messed up!!!

  8. Road from kaak Bridge to kahuta is in drastic condition. It needs to be repaired or refurbished on priority. Not only this road connects with kaura but it is the main artery which connects Rawalpindi to kashmir

  9. Kahuta road from Kak bridge UpTo Suzuki capital motors needs urgent repair infact there is nothing to repair this portion needs to b rebuilt as early as possible. It’s only a kilometer patch but takes several minutes to cover this small distance. And all heavy traffic is using this road due to industrial area.

  10. Today I visited convention centre and saw the pathetic and ill maintained conditions to which CDA high ups are responsible. Why we fail to maintain such like valuable assets ! That is why Country is sinking and no one bothered to notice!

  11. Please don’t destroy the beauty of sakarparian road and its surroundings…that’s the only road left in Islamabad in its original state…

    1. The CDA is a corruption den. Full of babus way past their retirement who can’t even manage simple files.
      Why can’t Pakistan produce competent , decent people in government offices?

  12. 10th Avenue has drastically disturbed the lives of local residents, I know CDA can’t complete this project. At least complete the 1 km patch which is being done for the last 2 years

  13. The residential area Ali pur ahead Balti Colony, Ali Pur, Lehtrar Road is in poor condition regarding streets, water supply, encroachments, and Sui gas.
    The suigas pipes were buried in few streets and the remaining pipes were gone to fire. Underground water situation is very miserable.
    Needs immidiate attention of CDA/ICT,Islamabad.

  14. جو پراجیکٹس پہلے سے جاری ھیں جیسے ٹینتھ ایوینیو انکو ادھورا چھوڑ کر نئے کھول دیے۔ اس کے علاوہ شہری علاقے میں ڈمپنگ پوانٹ بنا دیا سارے شہر کر کچرے کا یہ کیسی پلاننگ ھے آئ ٹن ائ الیون کی آبادیاں شدید متاثر ھو رھی ھیں شام کو شدید بدبو کی لہیٹ میں اجاتی ھیں اسکے علاوہ لوگ کئ قسم کی
    اور الرجی کا شکار ھو رھیں ھیں خدارا اس عزاب سے شہریوں کی جان چھڑائیں۔ بیماریوں

  15. 10th avenu project may kindly be completed on priority basis to save public funds
    2. Repair of roads and other projects are good efforts
    3. Installation of Recycling plant for carbage instead of dumping. We should get benefits from modern technology. As Islamabad is capital of Pakistan

  16. E/12 needs urgent attention of CDA.
    In 1995, near my retirement, I purchased a 40×80 plot in E/12 but this Sector has not been developed so far and my dream of a house in Islamabad remains unfulfilled.

  17. CDA please expedite the development works in I-11 sector as many residents are living without basic facilities of water,gas,roads, sewerage and drainage system

  18. I-12 is needs special attention. The possession of plots should be given and development should be completed without any further delay.

    1. CDA action le Gulberg authority ke khilaf, wahan 11 saal pehle plot lea jes ka possession abhe tak nahe mela, Gulberg residencia me ese bohot sare allottee hen jo abhe tak dar badar hen.
      Please Gulberg authority se es per sakht action lea jae.

    2. CDA should take strict action against Gulberg administration as in Gulberg Residentia possesson of plot could not handed over to the allottees after the laps of 11 years wait.
      Please give relief to the allottee of the Gulberg residentia so that we also reside in our own houses and take strict action against Gulberg authority.

  19. Why they are investigating so much in Islamabad on roads and fly over? In 10 billion, at least 20 districts can be uplifted and people will not rush towards Islamabad results in low traffic and we don’t need any road and flyover.

  20. No development scheme for I-14, the ignored sector. Don’t see any water storage or water distribution tanky. Decades passed, perhaps it is because it belongs to poors. The funds are diverted by ‘haves’ to ‘haves area’ but taxes are paid by all. Where is justice. Isn’t it the duty of the CDA to provide all basic infrastructure facilities to I-14, I-16 sectors. Where is justice.

  21. Rural areas of Islamabad which are in fact no more rural areas now require due attention of authorities. The community “Dhoke Raja Mehrban” adjacent to Ghauri Garden at Lehtrar Road is deprived of Gas facility even in 2023. Kindly provide the one of basic necessities.

  22. One major issue upcoming will be Faizabad after completion of IJP road Traffic will badly stuck in Faizabad area I think there also should be a a underpass orr Bus Stations need to move out towards 26 no chungi

  23. Asalamu Alykum
    I-12, 12th Avenue IJP Road has been started and abandoned several times, which is beyond comprehension, to be completed, and which is a double road from Srinagar Highway to h.13 and I-12. , one of its roads is occupied by NUST University, and the dirt road from NUST Uni to NESCOM Hospital, which is impassable, should be completed and made usable, so that patients can reach NESCOM Hospital. to be easy to reach, these incomplete projects should also be completed, people live here too.

  24. Many Citizen raised observations of Development work n E12 Sector which needs immediate attention of CDA. One generation ended their in wait for its Development but CDA never headed for rescue. Last year tenders were floated for E12/4 but work not started as yet. No body can ask this organisation being white elephant

  25. I/14 Sector is more than 70%. Populated but still deprived from basic facilities ie water supply gas connection sanitation infrastructure and even no water filteration plant provided for drinking water to the residents.Main entryway still occupied by vehicle workshops.Honorable Chairman CDA requested to take notice

  26. Kahuta road project is also very important from kak bridge to gt road. Kindly approve this project, I will be very thankful to you

  27. Please grant a NOC to Grace Valley Housing Society T-Chowk and issue a NOC letter to start there development.

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