ProPropertyNewsCDA Board Takes Steps to Improve Functioning of Planning Wing

CDA Board Takes Steps to Improve Functioning of Planning Wing

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad has announced a major crackdown on illegal housing schemes in the region.

The move comes as the CDA struggles to deal with the proliferation of unauthorized housing projects, many of which have caused serious problems for buyers.

According to details, the decision was taken to improve the planning wing’s functioning and discourage illegal housing schemes.

The CDA board has decided that the planning wing will not decide cases regarding revised layout plans (LOPs) for housing schemes without the board’s approval.

This decision was made after it was observed that revised LOPs for housing schemes in the Islamabad Capital Territory were being approved without the concurrence/approval of the CDA board.

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It is worth noting that there are over 100 housing schemes in Islamabad, many of which are unauthorized and illegal.

In several instances, operators of these schemes received approval for LOPs from the CDA and sold plots without obtaining NOCs.

This practice has affected the buyers of these plots since these societies subsequently could not obtain NOCs.

In addition, many operators of housing schemes got approval for LOPs to provide legal cover to their schemes and later violated the LOPs by selling land meant for green areas and other amenities.

CDA has failed to stop construction work in these societies, and the Ghauri Town Housing Scheme, one of the largest illegal housing schemes developed during the last two decades under the nose of CDA, is a prime example.

Several illegal housing schemes are operating in Zone IV and Zone V, and some are even in Zone III.

A CDA officer informed the press that the authority approves NOCs of housing schemes after a thorough process, issues notices, and takes action against illegal schemes.

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In some cases, FIRs were also registered. CDA constantly issues warning alerts and public announcements through media and its website, urging people and investors not to invest in illegal housing schemes.

Lists of all illegal and legal housing schemes have been placed on the CDA’s website to assist citizens.

The crackdown on illegal housing schemes is expected to impact the real estate market in Islamabad significantly.

While many legitimate housing schemes will continue to operate, the CDA’s efforts to enforce the rules and regulations governing the property market will likely lead to increased transparency and accountability.

The move is expected to be welcomed by buyers and sellers, who have long complained about the proliferation of unauthorized housing schemes in the region.


  1. In the light of this CDA should start development programs in its own sectors like E12, D13 and C16. This will be helpful to manage such issues.

  2. Already a lot of time has gone and unfortunately a number of allottees have also gone. Sector D13 was opened for the Overseas Pakistanis and they are very worried about their future investment.

  3. Engineering housings scheme, which falls D 16/17 is a legal scheme in CDA record and started in 1991 and heavy payments received (13 Lac cost of land and 5 Lac 10 thousands D/charges for 40×80 plot) received from members in 2005 but after a 30years no developed handover to members, CDA what action has taken members are upset from legal schemes and socities instead of illegal . kindly take action against This scheme

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