ProPropertyNewsCDA Continues Anti-Encroachment Operations in Islamabad

CDA Continues Anti-Encroachment Operations in Islamabad

Chairman Capital Development Authority, Muhammad Usman Younis, has directed the concerned department to launch anti-encroachment operations in several sectors of Islamabad.

Upon the instructions of the Chairman, DG Enforcement ordered the anti-encroachment teams to carry out operations in the twin cities.

The anti-encroachment operation started from sector F-8 against the restaurant upon the public complaints.

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It was shared that the restaurants had occupied the parking spaces by putting chairs and tables.

As per the details, almost 11 truckloads of encroachment material were confiscated, and several illegal structures were demolished in F-8, G-7, Margalla Town, Lahtrar Road, Khana Pul, and Kuri Road.

The DG enforcement has shared that the operations will continue without interruptions.

It is important to note that the CDA and RDA have taken action against the unauthorized structures and encroachments in several areas of the twin city.


  1. Will this operation is just against the poor.
    Or Rich of this unfortunate , country will also get some taste of justice.

    1. It will be against those who don’t have pdm support like before it was against pdm this is how it works.

  2. Sir, ak bar G9 markaz ma b aa kay daikhen shops kay samnay coridoors encroachment say bharay paray hain guzrnay ka rasta tak band hain har banda yai khehta hai CDA envoluve in ma isi layay khatam nahe karwtay agar CDA shops waloun ko sirf notice krien kay 5 lakh jurma ho ga or shop seal kar die jye ge 15 days time hai ina khud khtam krwien 1 week ma sb khtam ho jye ga. Regards Social welfare

  3. Respected Usman younis Sab , please take action in Rawal town islamabad about encroachments, and also take action about heavy rents , many families come to islamabad for jobs for better future of their childrens, half salary to landlords ko detay hay rent ki sorat may, hum bachon ko kia aallaa taleem dengay sari salary to rent or bills may nikal jati hay , or encroachment bohot ziada hay rawal town may , ghar ka pani galli may nikal hoa hay , sari galli may pani rehta hay sara din , street 9 and street 7 may ap visit kar kay dekho , yahan CDA k employee b rehtay hay

  4. Pl check f 8.2 mefinah market encroachments
    Made life miserable all spaces occupied illegally and loud music functiond all time day and night
    Illegal pakinh street 23 because of running tea stalls snacks at parking. When approached they do not listen to residents

  5. Attenti9n. Pl take notice of f.8.2 medinah market encrachments as a cosequence parking on street 23 f.8.2 restricts oeners even to take their vehicles out of houses. Rastaurant in green belt syreet 22 for last 4 years creating nuisance value loud music snd shouting for long hours . Residents complained they do not listen
    Pl close great mushroom of private universtoes and hosteld in f.8. Pl visit students ocvupying cars late in eveni g here from hostels n universities esp in f.8.2

  6. Has anyone asked CDA about the existing encroachments in islamabad drainage systems in Sectors F-7, F-6, G-6 and new upcoming in F-8 at main Nazim Ud Din Road. I even wonder how these illegal settlements got electric and gas connections. Not to talk of encroachments in Ayub Market Sector F-8 by the so called custodians of law, the lawyers. This is totally an eye wash. CDA and other administrative offices are being paid for illegal settlements. The ones who don’t pay, have got to move

  7. Also take note of mushroom of universities and hostels in residential buildings f.8.2 esp and f.8.1 creating nuisance all night with restricting even residents to tske their vehicles out of this regard visit strret 23 even late evening in working days

  8. Walkways are encroached by house owners at almost all over Islamabad and DG encrochment just doing Photoshop.

  9. Is there is anyone dare to clean I-8 markaz and sangam market. CDA people giving rights to returant persons and shops keeper on monthly rents to occupy the parking

  10. Please this looks like we don’t have rule of law .
    Why they are allowed initially to make encroachments?

    Please stop them before they try
    Because it’s total loss of huge money for Govt and also for the people
    Please organize in this way that no loss and damage for anyone
    First CDA/RDA staff allow them to construct and take bribes .
    Then they break the property in the name of encroachment .
    Act before anything bad happens
    Make twin city neat and clean and symmetrical

    1. I agree with you and authority CDA/RDA should not allow initially but its corruption of staff which is all prevailing every where.

  11. Aslamualaikum.
    Dc sahb kindly take opration in banigala bazar incrouchment and public wastage water flow on the road ,seavrage line is available but then after seavrage line they take flow water on the road.please take action against plaza whoners and private houses .

  12. This is my third complain through eamil and sweeter but action has been at Kayani road bhara kahu against school mafia who have encroachment of road side area. Which makes its difficult walk on the road side.

    I also requested earlier about two illegal water pumping stations at Kayani road. Which causing the water level going down.

    Aneel Saeed Sb came and only sealed one of the hydrant one if the hydrant but did not destroy the structure (like poor people restaurants) which is constructed illegally in a CDA land.

    Hooping one day CDA chairman and Commissioner Islamabad will take action personally.

  13. Why doesnt cda chairman take notice of hoolaginism created by mushroom of orivate universities and hostels in most posh residential areas
    Are they allowed and illegal parkings by students residi g morn and nifht. So much utilities at rssidential rates
    Why are all not taking immed action

  14. Kia CDA and Cantt board IJP Road per kacha stop per bhe operation kara gee. Jahan per spair parts Walton maa CDA ke jagha per qabza Kia howa haa.

  15. G 9 markaz Islamabad hotels has also occupied parking and walkway . Similar situation is created by car sellers. My question is is if car selling facilities were designed in G 9 markaz or whole job is illegal or design it to operate with specifications

  16. I would like to attract the attention of CDA towards the encroachment made by House owners in D 12, G10 and G 9 areas, occupying the verge by raising fencing and construction of 3rd stories on their houses fir rent perpuses which has made the areaconjusted .
    In D12 people have encroached their gates and the most important is the front deck of house which have been encroached and occupying the verge illegally. In most areas such hight of slope have made the Road bottle necks .
    The height of front deck of a house may not be raised beyond 1 feet of the main road and should be levelled.

  17. Great action against the encroachment mafia in Islamabad.
    Please finish the job and fine the culprits heavily or else Islamabad will end up like Karachi.

  18. Half of main bulleyward road of korang town extension is illegally commercialised. Kindly remove that encroachment

  19. F/10 and F11 markaz are full of illegal accupation of empty places. Can CDA force car dealers to vacate parking places for the shoppers. Similarly in blue area and different markaz of the city masjids have be contructed illegally. CDA may please attend to it. Thanks

  20. Please launch operation in F 10 Narkaz against Hotels Howkars and Rehris on foot paths. Moreover car dealers have occupied all the public parking spaces.
    This prestigious Market is very close to become Raja Bazar.
    Very bad show by CDA. Totally unchecked illegal structures.

  21. please check E-11/2&3 Encroachment,here same problems like others sector’s even more then roads are broken so many shesha cafe

  22. Please please please complete the work do not leave it half done as these people who have been encroaching land have made life miserable for all locals, I love islamabad and it hurts me to see these spoiling this beautiful city

  23. Thanks cda chaism fot mak8ng pish sectors of isbd worse than rajs bazaar.
    Check moralaties late night activities of stufents hostels in osh residents
    A bad nsme on orignal islamabafiam by mushroom of private universties and students
    This environ id nowhere even in internal city

  24. Reg requests to complete work they cda just an eyewash.
    All the complaints in above comments not being addressed
    You will see that ….unaccomplished jobs

  25. Where was CDA when these encroachments were were taking place? In the system the virus of corruption works in such a way so that the disease remains incurable.

    1. Now people are not hiring wedding halls and in pish sectors with green belts in front bribung cda and holding functions for days and all lane residents are harrassed.
      Even the widest of streets jampacked by illegalities.
      What to talk about walks yes 5 years back now mafia illegal das are in vogue

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