ProPropertyNewsCDA Demolishes 6,295 Illegal Structures, Imposes Fines Worth PKR 4.082 Million

CDA Demolishes 6,295 Illegal Structures, Imposes Fines Worth PKR 4.082 Million

ISLAMABAD: The Directorate of Enforcement of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken action against illegal structures in the federal capital over the last year, demolishing 6,295 such structures in markets, roads, green belts, and sidewalks.

Along with these demolitions, the agency has also confiscated 10,262 items from encroachers, which were subsequently auctioned off.

The agency also imposed fines worth PKR 4.082 million as penalties for violators.

The official added that the Directorate of Enforcement has conducted 1,142 anti-encroachment operations throughout the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) in the past year.

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The official stated that the Directorate was making a consistent effort to curb illegal constructions in ICT and reclaim state land from land grabbers and encroachers.

The official also mentioned that the Directorate of Municipal Administration, working under the control of the Municipal Corporation of Islamabad, was responsible for dealing with this matter.

He added that measures were taken to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens, including emergency medical assistance and water facilities on hiking tracks, forest guards patrolling the trails and hiking tracks of Margalla Hills National Park, and a centralized control room of the Environment Wing CDA, were in place to handle any emergency situations that may arise.


  1. Why CDA keep a “Blind Eye” when such high rise building are being constructed illegally? Moreover, ambiance is further ruined as demolished material is not disposed off e.g. Major Road F11 Markez . Infact encroachment have become alive again. E11 Markaz, Mehra Abadi are prime example of encroachments

    1. Because firstly they are busy collecting bribes for them so they continue to build , when foundation led and structure up , they start harassing them and collect more bribes. Lastly they demolish they are always on winner end with pockets full the looser are also those mafia who are land grabbers .So lesson learned never invest in illegal land not acquired from legally approved by CDA and from legally approved societies Go to CDA website to see legal status of land.

  2. There is a lot of encroachment in G-9/2 but no one pay heed to them. People build illegal garages, rooms and rent out those. CDA should demolish the same at earliest.

  3. Operation cleanup required at CDA and other line departments by hanging all corrupt mafia who takes bribe permit construction and then declare illegal and demolish. Justice system failure providing undue shelter to illegalities and public at large also responsible in using illegal tactics for illegal encroachments and then facing blackmailing n threats.

    1. Strongly agreed, it’s corrupt system encourages mafia to get rich quick and then runaway abroad with peaple hard earned money. 😭😭😭😭

  4. While CDA is super in demolition of structures of the poor, it is powerless in removing the take over of public parking places by car dealers & that of green belt encroachments by powerful entities like State Bank, NHA and others.
    CDA’s negligence in not enforcing appropriate parking space in blue area & high rise buildings has destroyed life in Islamabad. Every where you go you find vehicles parked on roads.
    It appears, very soon, Islamabad will resemble Karachi, Lahore & Faislabad.

  5. Please take strict actions, other wise capital will be Gujranwala or Raja Bazar very soon, keep it up. ….. Good work

  6. Have an eye on Service Road ,Gangal West ,where marble factories are grabbing green belt of CDA by throwing debris and garbage .

  7. پہلے اجازت دے کر پیسےکماتے ہیں پھر ٹوڑ پوڑ کر کے پیسے کماتے ہیں۔ پوری عوام ہی منافق ہے جب پتا ہےکہ جگہ غیر قانونی ہے، تعمیرات نہیں کرنی چاہئے پر کر دیتے اور پھر رونا روتے کہ ہم پر ظلم ہوگیا ہائے ظلم ہوگیا۔ ایسی قوم خود نیست و نابود ہوگی جیسے اب ہو رہا ہے اور ہم کہتے رہ جاہیں گے ہائے ہائے ہائے یہ کیا ہوگیا۔
    اس کا سادہ سا جواب یہی ہے کہ تحقیق کیوں نہیں کی پیسہ لگانے سے پہلے کیا حرام کا پیسہ تھا۔

  8. When will CDA remove the people selling goats by E 11.roadside.
    There used be only one , now so many have opened up their business. It truly is a health hazard because of the animal waste .

  9. Please take notice of service Road West Gangal. Road has been ruined by the illegal hydrants and dozens of water trolleys. CDA built a beautiful road a few years ago and now it is all broken by these trolleys. Please take a notice 🙏

  10. G-8 dealers have occupied all parking and green spots..even play ground in markaz is occupied by denters painters.. very bad situation

  11. Please do something about the water trolleys and illegal hydrants on Service Road West Gangal from KRL Colony to Khokar Palace.

  12. These statistics are highly doubtful. Good for Marketing if CDA but reality is different. If you verify these figures you would be shocked to know that majority of encroachment demolishing was just a photo session.

  13. No action taken till date in Soan Garden Islamabad against encroachment or illegal constructions.. Only paper work is done to show CDA performance and illegal construction mafia is making high rise buildings in residential areas. Please demolish those buildings as well which are built on Residential plots

  14. Multi storey buildings being constructed in H-12/ H-13 Close to NUST. All activity clearly visible from. Srinagar Highway but CDA is keeping a mum and waiting for ppl to invest and lose their hard earned money in these illegal projects. Its shameful on part of CDA.

  15. E8/E9./G/6..damna khou .near fazabad to 1/8 priad ground ?


  16. Assalamualykum
    This is absolutely right that your Authority has been actioned against illegal construction in the territory of Islamabad. If you would like to take action specifically on IJP road near to carriage factory. It will be appreciated if green bilt make parallel on both sides of the road. And more over some facilities like pure drinking water and waiting room and wash rooms and big divider of concrete slab between the centre of the road. I hope and sure you will be order and action for the considerable rising of views.
    Altaf Ahmed khan
    New Frontier Marble IJP road Islamabad

  17. G-8 dealers have occupied all parking and green spots..even play ground in markaz is occupied by denters painters.. very bad situation

  18. Kindly contain Car Dealers and Car show rooms at large all parking and pedestrian room occupied by these Mafia for example in G-8 markaz. It’s common saying in town CDA authorities allow them in return of Big Bhetta.chairman CDA u r responsible for this unlawful activities , please act against this Encroachment Car Dealers showroom Mafia.

  19. There are illegal Sheet metal construction in backyard/space here in sector I-10/2 that also arrange to be removed by the authority as all the night a huge creates trouble the sleeping persons by not only jumping cats but also create falling rain water louder sound.

  20. What about I 14/4 Sector its roads are completely damaged and no maintenance even in the last 4 years some body take notice main double road carpeted because its the only way to I 15 and I 16 sectors but no link roads maintenence

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