ProPropertyNewsCDA Imposes Ban on Feeding Wildlife in Margalla Hills

CDA Imposes Ban on Feeding Wildlife in Margalla Hills

ISLAMABAD: CDA on Sunday implemented Section 144, prohibiting feeding wild animals, littering, and punishing offenders with imprisonment rather than collecting fines, to minimize deterioration to the natural environment and upsetting wildlife in the Margalla Hills.

As per the details, Noorul Amin Mengal, the chief commissioner of Islamabad and chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), met with representatives of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) to discuss increased wildlife movements in residential areas close to Margalla Hills.

The top official examined numerous ideas for protecting animals and ensuring public safety.

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According to sources, the participants were worried that tourists were harming the monkeys’ natural habitat in the protected national park, particularly by giving them junk food.

It was revealed that this was a big factor in why monkeys were causing a disturbance and posing a threat to the public in residential areas rather than going in search of food in their native habitat.

The participants feared that if they weren’t maintained in the wilderness, they might establish themselves in populated areas.

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A comprehensive prohibition on feeding wildlife and disrupting their behaviors was advocated by experts as monkeys were becoming accustomed to stealing food from people in addition to scouring food in trash bins.

The CDA chairman reportedly stated that it was crucial to conserve nature and keep locals safe from wild animals and also ordered the placing of unique trash bins and signs emphasizing environmental protection along pathways in Margalla Hills.

The sources also added that under Section 144, playing loud music in the hills would also be punishable, as announced in the meeting.

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The chairman promised support and cooperation with the IWMB in addition to financial help for environmental protection.

He also urged the locals to contribute to the conservation and protection of natural habitats.

Additionally, he suggested that the IWMB employees should be given the authority to immediately execute the legislation, stating that we must help all parties for better management of the park.


  1. Was shocked to see a semi mena bazar joyland at damane koh. Monkeys trees grass footpaths all were under stress of crowd icecream juices tea coffee and chana and fruit chat

  2. Actually we acquire their land by force.
    No they are living ad refugees.
    Very confuse what kind of this decision is.

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