ProPropertyNewsCDA Stands Ground Against Land Mafia to Make Islamabad Encroachment-Free

CDA Stands Ground Against Land Mafia to Make Islamabad Encroachment-Free

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Muhammad Usman Younis has directed the Enforcement Directorate to launch grand operations against illegal constructions and encroachments in several parts of Islamabad.

The operations have been carried out with the assistance of the Islamabad Capital Territory Administration and the police department.

Heavy machinery was used to demolish all the illegal structures and tons of encroachment material was confiscated.

According to the details, operations have been started from the suburb of Islamabad, Mouza Kuri Dhok Balag. The land was owned by the government property which the land mafia was constantly trying to occupy.

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Moreover, the operations are also being carried out in F-6, F-7, F-11, and G-9/4 Peshawar Mor, and a number of stalls have been removed from the footpaths with almost 9 trucks of encroachment material being confiscated.

Furthermore, during the operation in the Saidpur Model Village, a house was also demolished as it was constructed on the land that was allocated for National Park.

Additionally, motorcycles parked opposite the Shifa International Hospital were also confiscated clearing the space that was illegally used as parking and was causing problems for pedestrians.

It is important to mention that the Chairman CDA praised the Encroachment Directorate for their efforts and said that with such actions Islamabad would soon be an encroachment-free territory.


  1. Excellent job by CDA team under their able chairman. This will really make the city beautiful. Attention is also dream towards encroachments in Multi gardens B17 Islamabad, where footpaths and green belts are occupied by restaurants and shop keepers. Real estate agents have occupied residential plots around main roads and have construed their offices casuing problems to the public.

    1. It’s commendable to have removed encroachments in these area. Beside sector B 17, it will be highly appreciated if you could order and ensure removal of encroachments in D-17 (Margalla View Society) Markaz where almost all footpaths, parking area and grean areas have been encroached by the shopkeepers and restaurants owners.

  2. Negative
    CDA cannot done encroachment free city Islamabad and not believe. I-10 Markaz is example for CDA own corruption.

  3. Pl take notice of f.8.2 one of poshest sectors medinah market restaurant disturbing resident till late night with loud music and heedless to complaints probably illegal occupation for many many years.
    Also adjacent streets jam packed vehicles students in center of roads the residents can’t even take out their cars. Street 23 is one of the most beautiful and broad streets of isbd disturbed by scores of parkings illegal
    Pl take notice of residential buildings hoarding universities. Why is CDA not takeing any action. The serenity of area is disturbed by hoolaginism

  4. CDA encroachment staff please come to I-10 Markaz and see the ecroachers. The roads in the Markaz always blocked by the traffic because half of the roads have been occupied by encroachers. One cannot park their vehicles on roads because all the parking spaces alongside the Markaz have been blocked by ecroachers of almost all the shopkeepers.. Please clear the roads of I10-Markaz so as to ease if the shopping of the I-10 residents.

  5. Excellent job.Action is also required at Aabpara market mor restaurants where vendors have occupied the footpath n motor cycles r parked haphazardly in 2 to 3 rows causing nuisance for pedestrians n motorists while entering the market.

  6. In the light of good works by CDA,they are damaging the rights of actual owners of “malikiyati” land specifically on Bharakhao Bypass route where they have encroached to the person property of individuals like me in order to complete there project Quicky ,without any demarcation of state owned land and acquiring the land required for the bypass ,Senior authorities should do justice with effects .

  7. It’s commendable CDA is clearing the encroached upon lands,, & a house on MHNP area in saidpur is demolished,,! Good, but it should also not ignore Monal & other big structures illegally constructed in the MHNP threatening the very beauty of the park & pouring sewage & garbage into various natural streams eventually contaminating Rawal Dam water being used by urbanites,,,

  8. The Chairman CDA has started a difficult but noble task of creating encroachment-free Islamabad. This effort needs consistency to be effective.
    Wonderful news that CDA Encroachment Directorate demolished a house built in National Park Area in Saidpur Village. However, I would like to draw the attention of Chairman CDA to miles of construction in National Park Area in the ‘so called” C-12 and the encroachments beyond Shah Allah Ditta limits. How does Chairman CDA pardon that?
    Encroachments will continue until abettors in CDA, serving or retired, are booked under criminal laws as encroachments flourish with the blessings of CDA.

  9. Please action on two illegal water pumping station one is build on CDS’s land. Last time Aneel Saeed Sb only sealed one pumping station not demolished like poor people’s road side restaurants and shops. Because of that it’s operational again. Hope this time you are going to take action personally.

  10. I requested you earlier about anckrochmet done by the school mafia on Kayani road, Bhara Kahu. At some places they have occupied the whole padestrian area. Hope will take immediate action. Looking forward.

  11. The biggest mafia destroying the educational ground is CDA. Recent encroachment of taking QAU land while creating a Barakahu Bypass is the current most relevant example of this mafia. CDA is the most corrupt organization in the capital. Instead of allotting more land to universities and contribute into education they’re doing corruption with land mafias and Army.

  12. Why you can’t take action against Automobile showrooms mafia who occupied public parking and footpaths in all CDA sectors ?

  13. Move to demolish the encroachment by CDA chairman is appreciated. But if it fails or ended without achieving the targets it will be only due to the CDA enforcement teams. As a project of Margalla town Road is left uncompleted due to the non action of DG enforcement and his team while there are clear orders in written from chairman office to clear 100 ft of road to construct Road drainage & footpaths on both sides. This project is left in the middle of nowhere. Trust Chairman will take a serious notice of this and will oblige to put his weight to complete this project started in 2020.

  14. اسلام وعلیکم جناب چئیرمین سی ڈی
    سر حال ہی میں میرے والد صاحب جو کہ گذشتہ 30 سالوں سے سی ڈی سے اپنا حق لیتے لیتے اس دنیا سے پردہ فرما گئے۔
    کیا یہ انصاف کا معیار ھے جو رشوت دے اسی کا کام ھوتا ھے کیا اللہ پاک جلاجلالہ کو جان نہیں دینی مرنا نہیں ھے کیا ۔
    ہم موضع بھیکہ سیداں کے متاثرین ہیں اور ہماری چوتھی نسل شروع ہو گئی ھے مگر ابھی تک انصاف نہیں ملا اور اپنی زمین ہونے کے باوجود ہم کرائے پر رہنے پر مجبور ہیں ۔
    ہم اپنی تہ زمین جو ہمارے پاس ھے ہم آپ کو دینے کے لئے تیار ھے جس کے بدلے آپ ہمیں پلاٹس دے گے ۔
    رشوت نہ دینے کی وجہ سے یہ کہ کر ٹال دیا جاتا ھے کہ پورے گاؤں کے ساتھ آپ کا بھی فیصلہ ہو گا جب کہ ایسا کچھ بھی نہیں ھے ۔
    70 فیصد گاؤں میں وہ لوگ دوبارہ آ کر آباد ہو گئے ہیں جو اپنا حق لے چکے ہیں اور دوبارہ پلاٹس لینے کی لالچ میں ابھی دوبارہ قبضہ کر کے بیٹھے ہوئے اور ان کی وجہ سے ہمارا پورا خاندان کرائے کے مکانوں میں ذلیل و خوار ہو رہا ھے ۔
    میں آپ سے اللہ پاک جلاجلالہ اور رسول اللہ پاک صل اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم کا واسطہ دے کر کہتا ہوں کہ مجھے میرٹ پورے خاندان کو فل فور انصاف دیا جائے ۔
    رابطہ نمبر

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