ProPropertyNewsCDA to Construct Bus Bays, Tuck Shops, and Toilets on IJP Road

CDA to Construct Bus Bays, Tuck Shops, and Toilets on IJP Road

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has made significant progress in the construction of the IJP Road and is preparing to launch a metro bus service, known as the silver line, along the route.

As per the details, the CDA has decided to construct bus bays every kilometer along the road in order to accommodate the bus service.

During a recent briefing with the CDA Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal, the engineering wing was instructed to include the construction of tuck shops and toilets to provide amenities for the public.

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The project also includes the construction of two flyovers, two bridges, and seven culverts, with around 85% of the work already completed.

Last Month, the civic authority started work on a large green belt along IJP Road with the aim of enhancing and preserving green spaces in the capital.

The authority also claimed that the layout for IJP Road was designed to safeguard the green cover during construction.

While the project was initially planned to be completed in April, the chairman has now directed the engineering wing to aim for completion by March 23rd.


      1. Asalam o alikum
        I must say CDA Chairmen to visit IJP Road and check the work quality.the top layer of concrete is very bad and bumpy like old road.finishing is very bad please make sure to do it well otherwise people have to wait for decades for next update.dont clear the payments until they do finishing work at satisfying level.

  1. they have to clear the green belt from the car junk yards and the residential tube wells which has been plugged from last 15 years and are being used as housing will be a waste of 4 billion ruppees if the encroachment is not removed.

  2. The IJP road construction quality is substandard.they develop crack before completion between khayban and kacha stop if u walk u can easily seen the crack in concrete which is laying for heavy load .CDA must take action against there supervisor who depute on this project . any concern department can listen my complaint if CDA have ???

  3. Requested to make underpass at Khybaan chock IJP for ease of residents I-10/4 and khybaan (both side) enabling them to move freely

  4. Apparently one serious issue observed so far in this new IJP road layout is that CDA has not made any closed u turns on this road as is done later on Srinagar highway.
    Thousands of people live on Rawalpindi side, Dhok Hasu, westridge etc who have to commute to Islamabad. There is no proper closed u turn for those till an open u turn near GT road Social Security Hospital which would result in people going in the wrong direction particularly rickshaws n motorcycles which may result in serious accidents. Same is observed from double road till pirwadahi stop.
    CDA to please review the layout at this stage and make few closed u turns like Srinagar highway to avoid people going wrong way, crossing the centre divider and avoiding serious accidents on IJP road.

  5. Islamabad express way work should be done on emergency bases, its has taken too much time and people of soan garden pwd etc suffer alot on the daily bases…

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