ProPropertyNewsCDA Unearths Illegal Commericial Construction Worth Billions Along Park Road

CDA Unearths Illegal Commericial Construction Worth Billions Along Park Road

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has unearthed the illegal construction of commercial centers worth billions of rupees along Park Road Islamabad.

According to the sources, CDA found at least 15 illegal buildings being illegally built along Park Road, issuing them notices and seeking to stop the construction.

Moreover, the civic body has also given them a tight time limit of 15 days to regularize these illegally constructed buildings.

Besides, as per the notices, the building control department of the civic body also warned of strict action against all non-regularized buildings.

CDA notice

The notice also cautioned that non-compliance would lead to sealing or demolishing all the illegal structures.

The sources inside CDA also claimed that the owner of the building shall be liable for the damage during such a process initiated by the CDA.

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Additionally, the sources confirmed that among these illegal structures are private schools, hospitals, and retail stores.


  1. Koi masla he nahi,, pehlay cda walay kaam hiny dyty hein,, phir maal banany kyleye notice dyty hein,, ye kamai ka bohat purana tareeq hai,, lagy raho,, CDA walo,, khoob maal banao,, kon pochta hai badshaho,, looto dil khol ky ky,, koi arman na reh jaay,,
    Lekin pait nahi bharyga,, bhooky nangy he raho gy,,, aur kutoon wali hogi,, sab ky saath,, inshallah

  2. Jo cda walo ko haddi daalay woh chahay illegal he kyun na ho woh in k liye sabh kucb hay.. what about illegal construction of marquees in e11??

  3. CDA was fully aware of these illegal constructions from the beginning and was a part of this illegal practice. The corrupt staff has taken millions as bribe.

  4. ۔
    پہلے تو ان سے یہ پوچھا جائے کہ کیا یہ سب سو رھے
    ھوتے ھیں جب الیگل کنسٹرکشن شروع ھوتی ھے ؟
    اس علاقے میں کون کون سے افسران کی ڈیوٹی تھی جنہوں نے مجرمانہ خاموشی اختیار کئے رکھی ؟


  5. Again my question why don’t CDA start from Lawyers den at F 8 Markaz.They r afraid of Lawyer gardi.Property of innocent people being hired at very low rentals n footpaths n encroached.

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