ProPropertyNewsChairman CDA Reports Progress on Islamabad Expressway’s Eastern Carriageway

Chairman CDA Reports Progress on Islamabad Expressway’s Eastern Carriageway

ISLAMABAD – A significant infrastructure development project is currently underway on the Islamabad Expressway, as reported by Noor Ul Amin Mengal on Twitter.

According to the details, the project involves laying the Asphalt Wearing Course on the Eastern carriageway of the expressway, specifically from the bridge. 01 RD. (8+350—8+740) (Section of Road 01 from 8.35km to 8.74km from the start point)

The work is in progress and is part of a broader effort to improve the infrastructure and road conditions in the city.

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It is important to note that the project aims to enhance the driving experience for commuters and reduce traffic congestion, thereby contributing to the city’s overall development.

The public has well-received the news, with Twitter users, and the project is seen as a testament to the city’s commitment to infrastructure development and improving public facilities.

The public eagerly anticipates the completion of the project and the benefits it will bring to the daily commute in the city.


  1. These precious roads made by very expensive material n manpower’s are spoiled immediately by heaviest n deadliest of vehicles having several types operates on these smooth roads leading towards I 9 factory industrial areas, pir wadai GBS , Faizabad n I 10 sectors over the years . Either the roads may be build with steel or alternative sites may be allocated to these industrial b transport terminals . Gadoon amanzai , hisaar n farooqia industrial estates were choose as make shift tax free zones to get rid of industry n factories out of Islamabad master plans for good.

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