ProPropertyNewsChallenge to Bhara Kahu Bypass Construction: IHC Issues Notices to CDA and Pak-EPA

Challenge to Bhara Kahu Bypass Construction: IHC Issues Notices to CDA and Pak-EPA

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court has begun to review an appeal submitted by five faculty members of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) against the construction of the Bhara Kahu Bypass, involving the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA).

According to the details, the court has issued notices to the Capital Development Authority and Pakistan Environment Protection Agency.

The division bench, led by IHC Chief Justice Aamer Farooq and Justice Saman Rafat Imtiaz, has asked the lawyer representing the petitioners to prove their standing to file the appeal.

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The lawyer, Advocate Kashif Ali Malik, claimed that the petitioners were concerned citizens who had filed the appeal in the public interest.

The bench acknowledged that the construction of the bypass was also intended to serve the public interest.

The appeal challenges the decision made by a single-member bench that granted permission for the construction of the bypass, which is a part of Margalla Road, within the QAU campus on December 13, 2022.


  1. Land to Quaid e Azam University was allotted by state of Pakistan. How a university can ask to stop a project beneficial for masses ? I think courts shouldn’t entertain such petitions.

      1. By pass is life line. Stay orders would not be in public development interest. Let development institutions to work. Half job already done. So no one plz spoil it .

    1. Agreed.
      What an irony. A project initiated purely for the welfare of the public and convenience of the commuters from Islamabad to Murrre, AK, KP, Northern Areas and vice versa has been challenged and politicized.
      One member court’s decision was fair enough and shd not hv been challenged and later entertained. The project has all the pluses and will hv far reaching benefits. IA

    2. Problem maybe easily solved if compensatory land is provided to the university and crossing bridges are paid for by the highway authority so people can easily cross from one side to other due to separation resulting from road.

  2. Litigation in “public interest ” , it means “Government interest”, Whereas “Government” means “Prime Minister”, in this context the construction of Bharakahu Bypass Road is demand in public interest because a million of tourists travel across the ICT along Murree Xpress Way . It is facilitating road to all the citizens of Pakistan. It has no negative Environmental Impact, as such it covers a little strip into or along ICT. Hence, the
    Petition should be dismissed ab initio.

  3. جناب سرکار مجھے یہ کوئی بتائے اس یونیورسٹی کی جو زمین کسی کے قبضے میں ہے اس کے لیے کیوں کوئی کورٹ نہیں گیا ۔۔۔ ان کو کوئی یہ بتاؤ کے یہ روڈ مری مظفرآباد باغ اور ہزارہ ڈویژن کو اور ملاتی ہے
    اور لاکھوں لوگ اس راستے میں بھارہ کہو
    ٹرافک کی وجہ سے گھنٹوں خوار ہوتے
    ہیں مفاد ے امہ کے کام کو یہ پڑھے لکھے جاہل چیلنج کر رہے ہیں ۔۔۔ افسوس اس تعلیم اور تجربے پے

  4. Is there any person to talk about land grabber mafia and presently their party jas share in the Government???

  5. Millions of commuters will be benefitted through this well needed project. Those who challenge such projects are enemies of public welfare projects.

    1. The project must be completed as soon as possible in public interest. This will help to reduce the pollution, time and money of masses. Facilitate public to reach hospital in emergency and safe the lives of peoples.

  6. سی ڈی اے سے جب کہا گیا کہ آپ فلائی اور کیوں نہیں بناتے تو جواب ملا کہ 3 کلومیٹر کے فلائی اور کے اپر خرچہ کچھ زیادہ آتا ہے مگر بائی پاس کے لے جو ہزار سے زیادہ کنال کی زمین جوکہ کمرشل اور تعلیم کے مقصد کے لیے اسکی کوئی قیمت نہیں ہے ۔ اس دن سے پاکستان کے فیصلے کرنے والوں سے حددرجہ کی مایوسی ہوئی ہے

  7. Speedy work is on the way day & night and it’s totally in favor of public… millions of people each year travelling to Muree & AJK…I saw the construction work is very faithfully under way with modern machinery so giving stay order will disturb the work in progress…it will not be in public interest but “land grabbers” so do not let ruin the layout plan.

  8. From perspe tive of the university, The road may have basically the following effects:
    1. Reduction in land
    2. Separation of the two parts which will no longer be contiguous
    3. Environmental effects of construction activities DURING CONSTRUCTION and AFTER CONSTRUCTION
    1. Provide additional land to make up for the lost land
    2. Provide adequate vehicular and pedestrian bridges
    3. Strict Environmental Impact Study and adequate remedies

  9. What is the purpose of university? Nothing but to provide the public interest.
    What is the purpose of Roads? Nothing but to provide service to public.
    Wonder why an institution of public interests is creating hindrances to another public interest.
    University gonna be mafia.

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