ProPropertyNewsCM Sindh Calls for Immediate Resumption of Hyderabad-Sukkur (M-6) Motorway Construction

CM Sindh Calls for Immediate Resumption of Hyderabad-Sukkur (M-6) Motorway Construction

KARACHI: In a recent meeting of the Hyderabad Divisional Command at DC Jamshoro’s camp in Sehwan, Sindh Chief Minister Maqbool Baqar urged the federal government to restart work on the Hyderabad-Sukkur (M-6) highway, focusing on sections where land acquisition issues have been resolved.

The Chief Minister acknowledged that the construction of M-6 had been halted due to a land acquisition scandal but emphasized that the land acquisition process had been completed by a committee under the Commissioner through a joint digital survey.

The meeting was attended by key officials, including Irrigation Minister Ishwar Lal, Chief Secretary Dr. Fakhre Alam, Commissioner Karachi Khalid Hyder Shah, Secretary Irrigation Niaz Abbasi, Secretary Works Nawaz Sohoo, DIG Hyderabad Tariq Dharejo, and others, discussed the progress of the Hyderabad-Sukkur Expressway (M-6).

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Hyderabad Commissioner Khalid Hyder Shah informed the Chief Minister that the Hyderabad-Sukkur Expressway (M-6) is a 396 km-long project, with 105 km falling within the Hyderabad division, requiring a total of 2,428 acres of land.

The CM was also briefed on the temporary halt in the land acquisition process of M-9 due to financial irregularities, which had been subsequently rectified.

A committee under Commissioner Hyderabad successfully conducted joint surveys and established new demarcations using digital coordinates.

Currently, only one section in Matiari remains incomplete. In response, the Chief Minister directed the Chief Secretary to engage with the federal government to resume the suspended work on M-6.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister emphasized the importance of facilitating upcoming general elections, combating electricity theft, controlling prices against hoarders and illegal speculators, and ensuring the completion of all projects related to land acquisition and traffic congestion relief, as well as infrastructure development, including parks and playgrounds.

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Additionally, the administration was urged to prioritize routine polio vaccination and eradication programs in line with the National Emergency Action Plan.

Regarding registered crimes, it was reported that in 2023, 1,908 property crime cases were registered, with 1,124 contested.

Besides, the courts convicted 21 individuals and acquitted 186, and 916 cases were still pending. S

Similarly, 5,675 local and special legislation cases were filed, with 5,454 contested, resulting in 259 convictions, 1,356 acquittals, and 3,636 pending cases.

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