ProPropertyNewsCommissioner Lahore Conducts Late-Night Inspection of Samanabad Underpass Construction Site

Commissioner Lahore Conducts Late-Night Inspection of Samanabad Underpass Construction Site

LAHORE: In a proactive move to oversee the progress of the under-construction Samanabad underpass, the Commissioner of Lahore, Muhammad Ali Randhawa, paid a surprise visit to the site late at night.

The visit aimed to ensure effective monitoring of the ongoing work and expedite the completion of this vital infrastructure project.

To enhance the monitoring process, cameras have been strategically installed at the construction site. These cameras play a pivotal role in providing real-time progress updates and facilitating swift decision-making to address any potential hurdles.

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Commissioner Randhawa’s visit emphasizes his dedication to efficient project management and highlights the significance of utilizing technology for streamlined operations.

In line with the commitment to meet project deadlines, Commissioner Randhawa issued instructions to double the labor resource during the night shift.

By implementing round-the-clock work shifts, the project aims to accelerate construction progress and ensure the timely completion of the Samanabad underpass.


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