ProPropertyNewsCommissioner Lahore Urges Focus on E-registration of Properties

Commissioner Lahore Urges Focus on E-registration of Properties

LAHORE: Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa of the Lahore Division has emphasized the need for taking action against housing societies involved in the internal transfer of registries.

He hailed the e-registration of properties as a groundbreaking program and urged all districts to prioritize its implementation.

To gather comprehensive information, the commissioner has requested a report from all Deputy Commissioners (DCs) regarding the status of petrol pumps established on state land.

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During the meeting, Commissioner Randhawa highlighted the ongoing prioritization of the mutation of registries.

Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of collaboration between district and Lahore Development Authority (LDA) teams for effective audit and monitoring of societies.

The commissioner chaired a meeting on Wednesday at his office to discuss various matters including revenue records, price control, cattle markets, flood control arrangements, e-registration, and other related subjects.

The meeting was attended by DC Lahore Rafia Haider, Additional Commissioner Hamid Malhi, Wasa MD Ghafran Ahmed, and other officials.

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