ProPropertyNewsCommissioner Orders to Provide Relief to Citizens

Commissioner Orders to Provide Relief to Citizens

RAWALPINDI: On Thursday, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha urged the district administration to work on finding solutions to the public’s problems with encroachment, traffic, sanitation, and revenue.

The commissioner indicated during a meeting that he would personally check on the cleaning arrangements at various union councils early in the morning.

He stated that the master plan for Rawalpindi, which would identify greenbelts and forbid development there, was being created, with special reference to mushrooming of unlawful housing societies.

The administration and other stakeholders should play their roles in this regard and raise awareness among the public so that they should not invest in any society that has not been approved, he noted.

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Besdies, Chatha warned that strict action would be taken against illegal housing societies across the board without discrimination.

According to him, revenue authorities have also been given deadlines for completing the computerization of land records in all the district’s villages.

They will finish their records within a month, and Patwaris whose records are still missing after that time will face strict departmental action, he cautioned.


  1. Thanks for showing to the public that you are awake and present in Rawalpindi.Mr chatta would you like to tell why not before starting operations and marketing a housing society is taken to task and why not your management of housing society takes initiative to develop a land at your own fulfill all requirements and then sell these plots to public at a reasonable price.But the black sheeps you cannot control with in the RDA, Corporation,etc.And how many owners of the big housing socities are ever jailed.Dhanda hai par Ganda hai big fish invented this business and Malik Riaz copied the model and rest just blindly became billionaires.And government personal also had a fate of enjoying the millionaire club.

  2. Excellent, These societies should be complety banned and Greebelt law must imposed strictly all over pakistan. People are selling Agricultural land to these mafia who 1st grab the land from these people and then show people guns and they get scared. Its a very good initiative

  3. As I have already conveyed to the concerned quarters regarding Development Issues of CDA sectors E-12, D-13 and C-16. But nothing has been materialized so far. A majority of Overseas Pakistanis are badly affected.

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