ProPropertyNewsCommissioner Rawalpindi Reviews Progress on Dadocha Dam Construction

Commissioner Rawalpindi Reviews Progress on Dadocha Dam Construction

RAWALPINDI: The construction of Dadocha Dam is set to cater to the needs of Rawalpindi residents by providing potable water, irrigation, and power generation.

The project was discussed in a meeting presided over by Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha and attended by Director Development Nazia Sudhan, ADC (Revenue) Nabil Ali, XEN Small Dams, and other staff.

During the meeting, Commissioner Chattha highlighted that the dam will not only provide 90 million gallons of water, but it will also be suitable for fish farming and recreational purposes.

The commissioner also informed the attendees that the legal team would appear before the court on March 23 to argue in favor of the project’s construction and overcome any obstacles.

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He added that the landowners will be compensated for their land, and creating barriers in the construction of the dam would be a significant injustice to Rawalpindi.

Chattha stated that the district government is currently supplying 51 million gallons of water, and the completion of the Dadocha Dam would provide an additional 35 million gallons of potable water.

He also emphasized the importance of the dam, noting that water shortage is a global issue, and the project’s implementation would benefit Rawalpindi significantly.

It is worth mentioning that the government has allocated Rs. 6,492.480 million for the execution of the project, which will have a gross storage capacity of 60,000 acre-feet.


  1. It is a necessary project as there is no water supply in Chaklala cantt area adyala road rawalpindi. Kindly consider this area also because there is so much issue of water shortage.

  2. There is acute shortage of water in bahria town . It should also b included in supply from the dam . V should have many more dams . One on sowan river also .

  3. We are listening this dam is vital or lifeline for Rawalpindi resident and even after passing many year, this project is on paper only..

    Such important project should start.start as soon as possible and all obstacles should b removed immediately and work should continue with full pace..

  4. Assalam o Alaikum ma Dadocha k pass he rahta hu dam ke koi
    construction nahe ho rahe kam rok dia gya tha kafi time ho gya hai 😑

  5. Dadocha Dam and Rawalpindi bypass Road was cancelled this project has become a carrot of donkey for residents of Twin cities. These two projects are dire necessity of twin cities

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