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Commissioner Rawalpindi Vows to Upgrade Pirwadhai General Bus Stand

RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi’s Pirwadhai General Bus Stand, the second-largest bus terminal in Pakistan, has been crying out for an upgrade for years.

However, despite repeated promises and directives from top officials, nothing seems to have been done to improve its facilities, leaving thousands of daily commuters frustrated and unhappy.

With over 20,000 buses carrying passengers to and from various cities across the country, the bus stand presents a miserable sight with heaps of garbage, encroachments, and poor security arrangements.

The situation is further exacerbated by the increasing number of theft and robbery incidents at the terminal.

But the latest appointment of Rawalpindi Commissioner and RMC administrator Liaquat Ali Chatta may bring some hope for the long-suffering passengers.

The commissioner has tasked the RMC to upgrade the bus stand by taking it out of various problems and making it a safer and cleaner place for commuters.

The plan includes installing CCTV cameras, a separate central control room, a new traffic police checkpoint, staff for cleaning passenger rooms and public washrooms, and security guards.

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The directive also calls for removing encroachments and repairing footpaths in the general bus stand.

Additionally, the security clearance of all hotels, workshops, and other business centers located within the limits of the bus stand will be conducted.

Though similar plans have been announced by previous administrators, the current commissioner seems determined to follow through with his directive.

RMC Officer Infrastructure, Raffaqat Hayat, has visited the bus stand to assess the situation, and RMC Officer Regulation, Imran Ali, has been given the task to remove encroachments and submit a report to the commissioner and administrator.

The upgrade of the Pirwadhai General Bus Stand will benefit thousands of commuters who rely on public transport to travel across the country.

It remains to be seen if the current plan will see the light of day, but the passengers are hopeful that this time, the authorities will not disappoint them.

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