ProPropertyNewsCPO Wants Action Against Frivolous Campaign by Blue World City Backed SUNO TV

CPO Wants Action Against Frivolous Campaign by Blue World City Backed SUNO TV

RAWALPINDI: The CPO Rawalpindi wrote to Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) regarding SUNO TV’s baseless claims of Police action against the land mafia of Blue World City.

According to information, the CPO Syed Shehzad Naseem Bukhari urged that on 27th January 2023, SUNO TV aired news regarding the raid on the office of an illegal housing society (Blue World City), in which it targeted the senior leadership of Rawalpindi Police and leveled baseless allegations.

He asserted that SUNO TV is using the news as part of a scathing campaign against the Rawalpindi Police and as a weapon to threaten the police force and prevent them from acting against the renowned Qabza Mafia.

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According to the letter, the TV channel is allegedly running the thoughtless campaign because Blue World City Group owns the channel.

The CPO further emphasized that this connection has previously been unearthed by the publication Profit which reveals how the ‘Real Estate Qabza Mafia’ is defending its illicit operations by foraying into the media industry.

The letter further stated that the Rawalpindi Police is a professional unit with a Zero Tolerance policy against land grabbing, and that 350 such cases have been brought against such organizations, which also include Blue World City, in recent years.

Sources indicated that 730 accused people have been detained as a result of FIRs, and sizable arms have also been found.

The letter added that Qabza Mafia shot direct fire during operations, hurting many police officers and damaging the property.

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The CPO made it evident that Blue World City’s evil plans to seize the land of innocent inhabitants by force and criminal means had been severely thwarted by the commitment of Rawalpindi police.

Through the letter, Rawalpindi police encouraged the relevant departments to do their share to break up the connection between SUNO TV and the Qabza Mafia (Blue World City).

The department also asked for the incident and the channel’s extortion to be taken seriously and legal action to be taken against the TV station (SUNO TV) by the PEMRA Ordinance’s applicable provisions.


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