ProPropertyNewsDeputy Chairman Senate Addresses Real Estate Convention

Deputy Chairman Senate Addresses Real Estate Convention

ISLAMABAD: According to Mirza Muhammad Afridi, the deputy chairman of the Senate, the real estate industry is essential to Pakistan’s growth and development.

According to a press release, he shared these opinions while addressing the realtors convention held under the umbrella of Progressive Etihad Group.

“Conducting training courses and establishing a fund for their welfare is a good initiative, I will try to solve the problems of realtors in CDA and FBR,” the press release quoted him saying.

Furthermore, Atif Jameel Butt, president of the Islamabad Real Estate Brokers Association, stated that the event’s goal was to raise awareness of the profession, rights, and dignity of real estate agents.

Additionally, a fair price will be paid for the Client Registration Form, First Visit Form for Property Buyers, and First Visit Form for Property Owners, which have been developed for the convenience of the general public and estate agents.

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To handle the challenges, committees made up of 18 members have been established in every industry and community, he added.

The sources claimed that the committees were required to hear from both parties, decide on a course of action within 15 days, and write a judgment on letterhead that will be admissible as evidence in court.

Besides, loans to real estate brokers facing financial crises would also be given, while the fund will also cover half the costs of sick members who are having financial troubles, the press statement said.

Meanwhile, the president stated that children and widows would also receive assistance, adding that, estate agents would be provided with training seminars to ensure the seamless transfer of files into CDA.

The president revealed that a five-member group had been established in FBR to enhance the tax system and more steps were on the cards to gain the trust of the city’s real estate groups.

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