ProPropertyNewsECP Puts Ban on Issuance of NOCs for New Housing Societies

ECP Puts Ban on Issuance of NOCs for New Housing Societies

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced a ban on the issuance of No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for new housing societies, effective immediately.

The ECP’s decision mandates that commission approval is now required even in cases of urgency.

As per the details, the notification emphasized that while the caretaker government possesses the capacity to address routine operational emergencies, it is advisable to avoid making significant policy decisions during this interim period.

The ECP’s notice also highlighted a growing concern surrounding changes in land usage initiated by provincial governments across different districts.

Moreover, the issuance of NOCs by deputy commissioners to multiple housing societies has raised alarms due to potential negative consequences.

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This includes the encroachment on vital green spaces and valuable agricultural land.

The primary responsibility for formulating an appropriate policy to address this challenge rests with the elected government, rather than the caretaker government.

As a result, the notice stated that an immediate halt to the issuance of new NOCs has been urged, along with a directive to communicate this decision to all deputy commissioners.

In scenarios where the caretaker government identifies pressing matters related to this issue or others, they are required to present a well-justified case for review and approval by the commission before any action is taken.

The contents of the notice also stated that upholding the commission’s legal mandate and guidelines is a fundamental expectation from the caretaker government as they fulfill their temporary duties.

Source: APP

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