ProPropertyNewsElders Resolve Dispute over Land for Surezai Housing Scheme

Elders Resolve Dispute over Land for Surezai Housing Scheme

PESHAWAR: On Wednesday, the elders of Surezai and Tilaband reached a consensus to eliminate obstacles impeding the launch of the Surezai Housing Scheme (SHS).

Details indicate that a jirga of Surezai and Tilaband elders, presided over by Commissioner Peshawar Division Riaz Mehsud, decided on a plan to address obstacles that have prevented the Surezai Housing Scheme from being implemented.

The elders consented to voluntarily transfer to the government 1,450 Kanal of land, and the provincial administration gave its approval for the appointment of locals to all Class IV positions that would be advertised for the housing plans.

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In addition to announcing development plans for Surzai and Tilaband, the administration also decided to abolish the restriction on land transfers in these districts.

Besides, it is important to note that the Surezai Housing Scheme was delayed by a conflict between Surezai and Tilaband residents 15 years ago. Though they had been given Rs. 22 billion 15 years back, the residents still refused to leave the area.

The Deputy Commissioner, who intervened and persuaded both parties at Pakistan Housing Authority’s request, brought an end to the conflict.

Also present at the jirga was the Director General of the provincial housing authority, the Managing Director of the Pakistan Housing Authority, and elders from the Surezai and Tilaband regions.

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