ProPropertyNewsETPB Likely to Vacate Sheikh Rashid’s Lal Haveli Today

ETPB Likely to Vacate Sheikh Rashid’s Lal Haveli Today

RAWALPINDI: On Thursday, the district administration was requested by the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) to assist in the evacuation of the historic Lal Haveli in Rawalpindi and the political headquarters of Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.

As per the details, ETPB wrote a letter to the Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner requesting police support in an effort to regain control.

In response, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the former interior minister, and his nephew, Sheikh Rashid Shafiq, have agreed to save the structure, stating that he was the Lal Haveli’s owner and it was not someone else’s property.

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Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and his brother Sheikh Rashid Shafiq have chosen to oppose any move with the utmost vigor while Shafiq claimed to have given the party operatives instructions to reach Lal Haveli, the sources added.

According to sources, the operation will be carried out today (Jan 27) by the Evacuee Trust Property. Reports also suggest that the ETPB has also asked the police and rangers for assistance.


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