ProPropertyNewsFormer Provincial Minister, MPAs in Hot Water Over Corruption Allegations

Former Provincial Minister, MPAs in Hot Water Over Corruption Allegations

LAHORE: Former provincial minister and two former MPAs of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf have been summoned by the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) on March 24 for their alleged involvement in corruption.

As per the details, ACE has directed Chaudhry Zahiruddin, Ali Afzal Sahi, Ali Akhtar, and Mohammad Azam Chela to appear before the Lahore office in connection with the corruption probe.

According to ACE, Zahiruddin and Ali Akhtar are running an illegal bus stand named Taimur Traveller.

The map of the Taimur Traveler Bus Stand was allegedly forged and added to the record by Ali Akhtar as Tehsil Nazim.

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Moreover, the original file of the bus stand is missing from the record, and the commercialization fee was not deposited with the government treasury.

Meanwhile, Afzal Sahi gave contracts for development projects of his constituency to his frontmen and allegedly received bribes for various projects.

The details also suggest that the contracts were given with the connivance of highway department officials.


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