ProPropertyNewsACE Books Aleem Khan for Alleged Sale of Govt Land

ACE Books Aleem Khan for Alleged Sale of Govt Land

LAHORE: The Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has lodged an FIR against former PTI leader Aleem Khan for selling government-owned land using fake documents.

According to the sources, officials from the Finance Department, Lahore Development Authority (LDA), and Irrigation Department allegedly helped the real estate tycoon sell state-owned land.

The director of the LDA, Shafqat Niaz, and other accused parties have also been named in the FIR, along with Aleem Khan, who sold the land as the owner of Vision Developer Company.

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Furthermore, the FIR also names the wife of Aleem Khan, Kiran Aleem Khan, and their daughter who are employees of Park View City and Vision Developers.

The ACE issued a report with suggested actions against the perpetrators, stating that Park View City and Vision Developers officers worked with government representatives to forge paperwork that was used to sell land that belonged to the government.

According to the report, falsified documents were used to illegally occupy more than 100 Kanal of land while the state-owned canal and escape channel lands were also depicted as a part of Park View City in the Mouza Bula Garhi and Mouza Kattar Band.


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