ProPropertyNewsGCCI President Encourages Japanese Investment in Gwadar Projects

GCCI President Encourages Japanese Investment in Gwadar Projects

GWADAR: The Gwadar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has called upon Japanese businesses to explore investment opportunities in various sectors of the coastal district, with a particular focus on fisheries.

In a meeting held on Saturday, GCCI President Naveed Kalmati met with Syed Nadeem Alam Shah, the honorary consul general of Japan for Balochistan, and Syed Feroz Shah, the chief of Pakistan Japan Business Forum and adviser to the federal government’s Board of Investment.

During the meeting, Naveed Kalmati led a delegation from GCCI, accompanied by several newly elected chairmen of local bodies.

The delegation presented an overview of investment opportunities in Gwadar, expressing optimism that the district would emerge as a key economic hub once the Gwadar deep-sea port becomes operational and industrial units are established.

Kalmati emphasized that the benefits of the Gwadar port extend not only to Pakistan but also to Central Asian states and other countries.

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Nadeem Alam stressed the importance of inviting global investors to Gwadar for investment, considering the region’s significance for the future development of Pakistan, particularly the Makran region.

The honorary consul general, Mr. Shah, mentioned that Japan has previously provided marine engines and other equipment to fishermen in the Gwadar district and will continue to do so in the future to promote the modernization of the fisheries sector.

Additionally, Shah emphasized the need to establish a robust security system in Gwadar, drawing inspiration from Japan and Dubai, to attract both local and foreign investors.

He also stressed upon the adoption of modern policing methods to ensure the safety and security of investments in the region.

Source: DAWN

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