ProPropertyNewsICCI Calls for Removal of Encroachments from Local Markets

ICCI Calls for Removal of Encroachments from Local Markets

ISLAMABAD: The President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, has called for the removal of encroachments from local markets to facilitate smooth business growth.

During a meeting with Yasir Farhad, Director Municipal Administration, CDA, Bakhtawari emphasized the need for developing a weekly schedule to survey local markets for encroachments in coordination with market associations.

Bakhtawari also highlighted the need for parking facilities, replacement of old sewerage systems, repair of footpaths, carpeting of roads, and revival of out-of-order streetlights in many markets. He urged DMA to convey these issues to the Chairman CDA for immediate action.

Bakhtawari assured that ICCI, in coordination with market associations, would fully cooperate with DMA to address encroachment issues in the markets.

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In response, Yasir Farhad expressed his desire to facilitate traders in promoting trade activities and assured that he would work with market associations to address their issues regarding encroachments.

He suggested that ICCI, in coordination with market associations, develop a weekly plan of visit schedule to allow him to visit various markets and take measures for their removal.

Yasir Farhad also informed the attendees that DMA had cancelled all licenses for businesses in green and open areas and requested the business community to cooperate in promoting fair business practices.

He stated that an SOP had been developed for board license, while the policy for open areas would be finalized soon. Additionally, he disclosed plans to establish Sasta Bazaars in existing markets for the month of Ramadan to provide daily-use items to consumers.

During the meeting, various market representatives, including Zafar Bakhtawari, Muhammad Ejaz Abbasi, Khalid Chaudhry, Abdul Rehman Siddiqui, Akhtar Abbasi, Raja Imtiaz, Tahir Abbasi, and Zahid Qureshi, shared their DMA related issues and proposed useful suggestions to address them.


  1. دوکاندار حضرات خود اس انکروچمنٹ کے ذمہ دار ہیں ۔ وہ چاہیں تو CDA کا انتظار کیے بغیر اس کا خاتمہ ممکن ہے

  2. Some of the shopkeepers also responsible for such encroachment as they charge monthly to give space to other small vendors on the front of their shops. Also some association’s office holders charge monthly from small venders.

    Parking space problem in various Markaza is due car show room owner and rent a car owners as a great number of their vehicles are parked in the markaz s and no space left for visiting customers.

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