ProPropertyNewsIHC Expands Eviction Authority for Landlords in Islamabad

IHC Expands Eviction Authority for Landlords in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) issued a ruling expanding the authority of the rent controller to cover the entire capital city of Islamabad.

According to the details, the ruling allows landlords to evict tenants who are delinquent in paying rent.

The court determined that the rent agreement between private parties fell under the jurisdiction of the rent controller, with the exception of the Diplomatic Enclave.

The Diplomatic enclave remains exempted from rent regulation as long as the space is only used by foreign missions, diplomats, and the government.

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In his appeal, Mohammad Shahbaz, a landlord, asked the federal government and the capital administration to provide guidance on how to amend the Islamabad Rent Restriction Ordinance to include private housing societies, in order to streamline the process of evicting defaulting tenants.

Currently, landlords in private societies and rural areas must file a lawsuit with the local civil judge, a process that can take years to complete.

According to Assistant Attorney General Barrister Usman Ghumman, residents of any territory not covered by the federal government must invoke the Transfer of Property Act of 1882 in order to seek redress under the rent law.

This act provides a legal framework for property transactions and can be used to resolve disputes related to rent and eviction.

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