ProPropertyNewsIslamabad Cricket Stadium Project Takes Shape as CDA and PCB Strike Deal

Islamabad Cricket Stadium Project Takes Shape as CDA and PCB Strike Deal

ISLAMABAD: In a significant development, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and a representative from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have reached a preliminary agreement for the construction of a cricket stadium in Islamabad.

According to sources, PCB management committee member Shakil Shaikh visited the CDA headquarters and held a meeting with Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal. Both parties have agreed in principle to build the cricket stadium near D-12 in the foothills of Margallas.

During the meeting, the CDA chief informed the PCB representative that 25 acres of land have been allocated for the construction of the stadium.

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Furthermore, it was also decided that a memorandum of understanding (MoU) will be prepared and signed by both parties shortly.

An official from the CDA stated that while the PCB will oversee the construction of the stadium, the CDA will provide the land.

As part of the agreement, both parties will share the stadium’s revenue. Although the specific terms and conditions will be outlined in the MoU, the CDA is considering a revenue share of 30%, while the PCB will receive 70%.

Chairman CDA confirmed that the meeting with the PCB official was preliminary and that another meeting will be scheduled to finalize the details and sign the MoU.

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When asked about the location, the CDA chairman stated that the allocated land is free from encumbrances and situated in an ideal location in the foothills of Margallas.

He emphasized that the stadium will enhance the beauty of Islamabad once it is constructed.

Regarding the zoning of the land, the CDA chairman clarified that even if it falls within Zone III, there are no restrictions on constructing sports facilities there.

He cited the ICT Zoning Regulations 1992, which permit the establishment of recreational facilities, including sports stadiums, in the zone.

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It is worth mentioning that the CDA and PCB had previously initiated a stadium project in Shakarparian, but it was later scrapped by the Supreme Court.

In 1960, a Greek firm had prepared Islamabad’s master plan, designating 2,250 acres in Shakarparian as a sports center.

However, in 1979, the government included the area in the national park and Zone III, prohibiting further development.

Despite this, unregulated construction has taken place in the area due to the absence of amendments to the 1979 notification.

Source: DAWN


  1. Good to hear that something substantial has been planned in this turbulent times in Islamabad. The location is ideal and will also make it easier for people coming from KPK to attend the matches via the newly built Margala Avenue from GT Road to F -12.

  2. Govt may build a 5 star hotel to cater for the foreign cricketers stay near the new cricket stadium. This would save their precious time as well as the traffic enclousers/ vip routes

  3. This will be catastrophic for the beautiful environment, particularly for protected area of Margallah national park. Why cant CDA and PCB consider areas near new airport or Fateh jang?

  4. Mr Chairman CDA has demolished C13 landlords buildings more than 800 houses in the name of afghan basti the residents those who are legitmate owners since centuries have filed a contempt of court suit in the IHC as the court had already stoped cda for any operation in 2022 before paying the money and BUP awards to rhe affecties

  5. Well it’s good initiative but sadly it’s really really far from 90% sectors of Islamabad that’s not right place it should be center of Islamabad to reach easy for all sectors.
    Shakarpriyan was the perfect place for twins city. D12 is corner of the Islamabad.

  6. I think that such facility should be built away from the calm and beauty of Margalla hills, may badly damage the tranquility of the area.

  7. Poor common man is dying of hunger. The authorities are dreaming of unnecessary luxuries like these. The government is literally rubbing its nose with the begging bowl in hand. The world is laughing at us.

  8. Glad to hear about this Ideal initiative by PCB & CDA, it is necessary for the uplifting of Cricket, again in the Country and this stadium can play a pivotal role. The location is more attractive, more accessible and feasible. The stadium must be built and equipped with international standards of cricket 🏏. Lastly Avoid every unnecessary things interrupting in the project initiation and completion.

  9. Pakistan should have a stadium at least in the capital territory. They made a late decision yet it’s good. But it should be quick. We have a example of arbab niaz stadium in peshawar. For five years that stadium has been under construction. In comparison to that our neighbours built the biggest stadium of the world in a year and a half. Just try to construct them quickly and build big stadiums as sports play a essential part in running economy. And also we don’t have a busy population. Luckily mostly people are free so we can have a crowd. Crowd gives revenue and revenue strenghtens the economy.

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