ProPropertyNewsIslamabad Fails to Find Permanent Landfill Site, Consultant Engaged

Islamabad Fails to Find Permanent Landfill Site, Consultant Engaged

ISLAMABAD: The city managers have again failed to make a decision on a permanent landfill site for the capital city, and have instead deferred the agenda until the next meeting of the CDA board on Tuesday.

It has been a problem for successive managements to find a permanent solution for waste disposal in the only planned city of the country, which is also the federal capital.

The board discussed a summary and decided to seek further input from a consultant to finalize a permanent location for the landfill site.

A committee was working on the subject, but it could not reach a conclusion.

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Two potential sites, Kuri and Dhoke Jando near Nicholson’s Monument, are currently under discussion, and the details of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and clearance certificates for the sites are being solicited.

The Islamabad High Court is set to hear a case regarding this issue on February 7th, and CDA is required to submit its reply about steps being taken for setting up a proper landfill site in the capital.

Currently, CDA is disposing of solid waste at a dumping site owned by the Rawalpindi Waste Management Company at Losar, Chak Beli Khan in Rawalpindi, but a final agreement could not be reached with the RWMC as they have demanded a high rate of Rs.1,800 per ton to dispose of the waste of Islamabad.

The board has directed the concerned committee to negotiate the rates with RWMC and finalize a draft agreement for its approval till the next board meeting.


  1. Sector I-12 garbage of resident area. Same on you CDA officials. You have failed to deliver to people of islamabad a beautiful city

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