ProPropertyNewsIslamabad to Soon Get Its Highest Skyscraper

Islamabad to Soon Get Its Highest Skyscraper

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) intends to build a 38-story high-rise office and commercial skyscraper on Jinnah Avenue in Blue Area Islamabad.

The PCAA Tower is planned to be the highest structure in Islamabad that would stand at about 38 stories, and feature cutting-edge amenities.

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As per the details, the tower, along with PCAA directorates and branches, would also house corporate offices of airlines, airline booking centers, business centers, seminar and conference rooms, media centers, and financial institutions and banks.

The PCAA Tower will also house an aviation science museum, art gallery, health and fitness center, indoor sports facilities, baby daycare centers, food courts, and hotel/lodging facilities.

Furthermore, the structure would house offices for various PCAA cadres and have a covered area of about 850,000 square feet.

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Besides, the project is expected to cost roughly Rs. 14 billion, aimed to achieve sustainability, water conservation, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly design, and a low carbon footprint.


    1. That would be a good development initiative if constructed and operated after EIA at planning stage and EMS implemented during operation. There are many good examples available now Internationally even within Islamabad.

  1. CAA, instead of investing into this project which will be commercially viable in next 15 years, should invest in PIA instead. The benefit is immediate, both in terms of hard and soft gains. The national carrier will be out of red as well.

  2. The Greek town planner and architect of Islamabad Mr CA Doxiadis never designed a skyscraper in Islamabad and advised not to do so due the are on fault line. Like before earthquakes are expected. See the gate of Mustafa Towers during the last earthquake. So beware of skyscrapers in Islamabad.

  3. Hope emergency services like fire fighting and earthquake response will also be available for sky scrapers.

  4. عمارتوں کا جنگل بنائو اسلامآباد کے سیکٹرز ویران پڑے ھین ۔سی ڈی اے اپنی لینڈ ریکوایر کروائے

  5. Instead of all this trash please invest into education sector .. please construct NCA campus in Islamabad and shift the Rawalpindi one over here

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