ProPropertyNewsKoral-PWD Section of Islamabad Expressway to Complete by April

Koral-PWD Section of Islamabad Expressway to Complete by April

ISLAMABAD: The project director of the Islamabad Expressway Expansion has revealed that the 4-kilometer stretch from Korang nullah bridge to the PWD interchange would be finished by April or May 2023.

The sources say that travelers on the expressway, particularly between Korang Bridge (Gulberg Green) and the PWD interchange, would soon experience some relief.

Furthermore, the project director argued that the hardest part of the project was putting the girders on the piers; on 30-meter-high piers, the 150-meter bridge needs 33 girders.

He emphasized that these piers are stacked 35 meters deep in the nullah bed to enhance strength.

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According to him, “The 50-meter-long, 170-ton girders cannot be lifted by crane since there isn’t a place where one could be put. To lift, draw, and place these girders on the piers, a separate procedure is employed, and it takes two to three days to lay one girder”.

Besides, the 35-meter-long east side of the railroad bridge will be ready by January 31st, he added.

Due to the need to demolish the 1960s-era bridge, construction of the west side bridge would take five to six months, he claimed.

According to CDA Director of Public Relations Asif Ali, work on this stretch is progressing well, and physical work from PWD to T-Chowk has started.

He stated that the monsoon rains hindered the progress, which caused the delay but this section of the project would achieve completion by April.


  1. I travelled through this section if old green belt remove the traffic flow will be better. God knows better.

  2. Elect a local Government for Islamabad first and then things will start rolling,weak local bodies are needed by all the Elite so that can bypass the real Public!!!

  3. Kindly update expressway from Gulbery Green to PWD, as per your press briefing this section of completed in Apiral is still work is not completed

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