ProPropertyNewsKP’s ITZs: A Revolutionary Step Towards Sustainable Tourism and Economic Growth

KP’s ITZs: A Revolutionary Step Towards Sustainable Tourism and Economic Growth

ISLAMABAD: The tourism industry in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) recently announced that the completion of three Integrated Tourism Zones (ITZs) in the province would make it a prime destination for tourism investment.

The ITZs, which include Ganool, Mankiyal, and Madaklasht, are considered important projects by the KPK government that will bring significant changes to the tourism industry in the province.

To mobilize private sector investments and promote responsible tourism, an Investment Readiness Conference for the KPK Integrated Tourism Zones was held in Islamabad.

The conference was attended by a large number of national-level investors, including leaders from the Islamabad and Rawalpindi Chambers of Commerce and Industry, PTDC, KP-BOIT, and other trade associations.

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The speakers at the conference estimated that the completion of the three ITZs could potentially add $10 billion to the KPK economy.

The Director General of the KP Culture and Tourism Authority, Muhammad Bakhtiar Khan, stated that KPK was well positioned as a preferred tourism destination in Pakistan and had a considerable competitive advantage due to its natural endowments and culture of hospitality.

The conference also addressed the issue of disaster mitigation in areas affected by recent floods and the importance of protecting tourism assets and livelihoods of communities that rely on tourism receipts.

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The conference also discussed the potential of public-private partnerships, reduced carbon footprint, and heritage preservation in the tourism sector.

The panel discussed the importance of sustainable tourism and opportunities for the local economy.

The panelists appreciated the efforts of the Department of Tourism, CTA, and KITE project and recommended practical ways for the immediate implementation of these plans.

The ITZs is a new concept in Pakistan that aims to open new destinations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to promote responsible tourism by suggesting diversity and quality in the tourism offerings of these destinations.

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