ProPropertyNewsLDA Accelerates Building Plan Approvals for Private Housing Schemes

LDA Accelerates Building Plan Approvals for Private Housing Schemes

LAHORE: In a groundbreaking move, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has streamlined its approval process for building plans for all private housing schemes and regular LDA projects.

The authority now commits to approving these plans within a mere three working days, a significant reduction from the previous 30-day timeframe.

This swift change in the approval process was initiated under the directive of DG Muhammad Ali Randhawa. He emphasized the need to make the building plan approval process more public-centric. The aim is to enhance public convenience and ensure a smoother experience for all stakeholders.

In addition to speeding up the approval process, the LDA is also introducing an accessible online system. This will complement the existing physical access channels, ensuring that the public has multiple avenues to submit and track their building plans.

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Chief Town Planner, Azhar Ali shed light on the revamped system. “All necessary reports and procedures, from site reports to the final approval of the building plan, will now be centralized at the One Window Cell,” he stated.

He also highlighted the elimination of redundant clerical processes and the introduction of revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Furthermore, the LDA has updated the PITB-generated Ekhidmat software, enhancing its user-friendliness. This software will now provide comprehensive vacant plot reports via GIS and facilitate the generation of challans through the SAP system.

This move by the LDA is expected to boost the construction sector in Lahore, making it easier for developers and individuals to embark on new projects.

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