ProPropertyNewsLDA Cracksdown on Illegal Constructions: Faisal Town Under Operation

LDA Cracksdown on Illegal Constructions: Faisal Town Under Operation

LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has launched a significant operation against illegal constructions in Faisal Town, from Akbar Chowk to Kotha Pind.

As per the tweet shared on LDA’s official Twitter account, over 20 establishments, including shops, commercial properties, restaurants, and tire shops are under operation.

The LDA’s grand operation has aimed to combat illegal constructions and restore parking spaces in the area. The authority has called on the public to stand against these unauthorized structures.

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The operation is part of the LDA’s ongoing efforts to regulate urban development and ensure the lawful use of commercial and residential spaces. By targeting illegal constructions, the authority is improving the city’s infrastructure and creating a more organized and sustainable urban environment.

The LDA’s tweet has garnered attention and sparked discussions among the public, with some users raising concerns about parking fees in the area. As the operation continues, it remains to be seen how these developments will impact the local community and businesses.


  1. Need same operation in WAPDA Tiwn Lahore where green area allotted for nurseries has been converted into shops and rented out by allotted. Almost every main road of WAPD town Lahore has been converted into commercial with the connivance of corrupt officials. One a beautiful and well arranged society now presenting an odd picture of area.

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