ProPropertyNewsLDA Demolishes and Seals Properties in Lahore

LDA Demolishes and Seals Properties in Lahore

LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has taken a strong stance against illegal commercialization and violations of building bylaws in various neighborhoods of the city.

In an operation led by Director of Town Planning IV, Ali Nusrat, assisted by the Police and heavy machinery, over a dozen buildings were either demolished or sealed in areas including Johar Town, Wapda Town, OPF Scheme, and PIA Colony.

The operation primarily focused on addressing unauthorized constructions, alterations, and commercial activities that violated the city’s bylaws.

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As per the details, the LDA teams executed the operation by demolishing shutters, illegal constructions, and making alterations, and subsequently sealing several properties located in Johar Town and its neighboring localities.

Among the structures that were targeted and either demolished or sealed are:

  • An illegally constructed hall on 180F and 181F in PIA Colony,
  • Unauthorized shades of a tea shop on 3R,
  • Shops adjacent to Al-Barkat Pharmacy,
  • Illegal constructions on plots 528J, 529J, 336G, 461G3,
  • Marquee on plots 53 and 53 A in F2,
  • Shops on plots 432E and 1005E in Johar Town,
  • Properties situated on plots 13 and 14 in Block E,
  • Construction on Plot 78C in Wapda Town,
  • Construction Plot 276C in the OPF Scheme.

LDA officials highlighted that before the operation, multiple notices were issued to property owners to address the violations.

LDA’s Director General, Muhammad Ali Randhawa, has reiterated the commitment to carrying out such operations, aimed at curbing violations of building bylaws and illegal commercial activities in the city.

Source: PakObserver


  1. Lda is probably the most corrupt organization in Pakistan, they go around demolishing and bothering small businesses while allowing illegal housing societys to operate because big money is involved.

  2. May I suggest the biggest illegal construction “ Jatti Umrah” constructed on agricultural land where construction can’t be done.
    Himat hai LDA ?
    Go for it if u have 💦 down” there”. Very easy to demolish shops of poor but salute the corrupt. Even set the building on fire to destroy the documents and records

  3. The laws are only for the poor. What about those who fled the country with billions. With situation right now in country people are suffering to hardly survive. Shame in the authorities.

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