ProPropertyNewsLDA Launches Anti-Encroachment Operation in Lahore

LDA Launches Anti-Encroachment Operation in Lahore

LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has started a massive anti-encroachment operation on 9 key highways in the parts of the city to combat traffic congestion, pollution, and other environmental challenges.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) issued the directive following a writ suit calling for the government to take action to reduce smog and pollution.

“We have also written letters to the Traffic Engineering & Transport Planning Agency (Tepa) and the Lahore Parking Company to make efforts to end on-street parking,” said LDA Director (Town Planning, Zone-III) Ali Nusrat.

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The town planning zones of the LDA have launched the operation on the following roads:

  • Johar Town (Doctors Hospital to Expo Centre)
  • Main Boulevard
  • Allama Iqbal Town (Wahdat Road to Scheme Mor via Dubai Chowk)
  • Gulberg (Zahoor Elahi Road, Hali Road, MM Alam Road)
  • Mustafa Town (main road starting from Wahdat Road)
  • Jubilee Town (main road starting from Link Canal Road)
  • LDA Avenue (Khokhar Chowk to Hamdard Chowk)

The civic agency said that a person had submitted a writ petition to the LHC outlining several civic concerns that were contributing to an increase in smog, pollution, and other urban difficulties that were harmful to the general public’s health.

In addition, the petitioner asked the court for relief under the constitution, asking it to order the LDA and other government bodies to perform certain actions.

In return, the LHC granted the petition and instructed the LDA to start an operation to remove encroachments from the roads.

The LDA Director stated that the staff sent warnings to the property owners asking them to remove encroachments willingly before the operation began, and when they didn’t, the action was taken.

He advised the owners to remove encroachments on their own since the process would continue until all of the aforementioned routes were clear of them.

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Additionally, the workers also removed the expanded concrete flooring and shades and confiscated temporary encroachments (stalls, tables, workstations, counters, etc.).

It is important to note that the Lahore Metropolitan Corporation carried out similar operations on several roadways in May of last year on the commissioner’s and the city police’s directives.


  1. اور لاہور میں کئی مقامات ہیں جہاں پر تجاوزات
    کے خلاف قانونی اقدامات کی ضرورت ہے مال روڈ لاہور داتا دربار سے نیازی چوک سرکلر روڈ گڑی شاھو

      1. Township areas especially markets are full of encroachments. Pl do action, great problems for traffic and people.

  2. This time encroachments and congested roads should be cleared.
    The management is doing well on job. Good work is seen at locations pointed out by government.

  3. These selected places shows tge priorities of personal concerns. Other wise there are lots of other places which badly needs to be clear. Like Multan road, Yateem khana, Bus Stand. Gharhi Shahu. Circular road. Ravi road Darbar side, Shad bagh, 1, 2 moria pul etc..

  4. میو ہسپتال کے باہر اور ملحقہ علاقوں میں غیر قانونی بھر مار ہے جو کارپوریشن مافیا لوگوں کو شدید مشکلات کا سامنا ہے

  5. LDA is the root cause not the solution! !
    It gives illegal permissions to convert residential properties into Comercial ones and then sometimes destroy them if they don’t pay commission(it’s not bribe). In future we need to get rid of LDA and bring all the public service agencies under the Mayorship !!

  6. We must discourage people moving to lahore ,they are the biggest thayla mafia in lahore ,almost choking every street and road of lahore ,don’t make lahore another karachi. They also destroying cultural heritage of our beloved city.

  7. Ganga Ram Hospital and High Court Surrounding roads are choked with “encroachments” too…. I request “Petitioner” and ” Hounarablr Courts” to take ask “LDA” for… As these are just few meters away from the “mighty” authorities.🙄

  8. Good Job LDA. Please consider Ghari Shahu Bazaar on Moghalpura Road and remove encroachments. The road is wide and beautiful but due to unnecessary encroachments we cannot even walk. The traffic becomes havoc due to this hindrance. There is another big thing there is no pedestrian crossing on Allama Iqbal Road going across the road becomes so dangerous and difficult. Please advise who to contact and get public crossing safe and convenient for all. Thanks.

  9. Need to reduce round about sizes in lahore specially at China Chowk race course,defence Road on main alpine avenue. Similarly on many other places to make roads broads.

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