ProPropertyNewsMayor Peshawar to Replicate LDA’s Expertise in Addressing Traffic Woes

Mayor Peshawar to Replicate LDA’s Expertise in Addressing Traffic Woes

PESHAWAR: The expertise of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and the Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency (TEPA) will be used to manage the city’s disorderly traffic, according to Peshawar City Mayor Haji Zubair Ali.

He was speaking with LDA and TEPA traffic management experts who visited the Mayor’s office on Thursday, adding that LDA and TEPA teams had started the survey to manage traffic in Peshawar.

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The Mayor also briefed the visiting teams on the city’s traffic-related problems, stating that frequent gridlock had a negative impact on daily life and made it challenging for people to travel during rush hours.

In order to manage traffic on the main roads, he also suggested that teams create a result-oriented traffic management plan.

Later, teams from the LDA and TEPA also visited a number of the highways and informed the mayor of their plans and recommendations for regulating the traffic bottlenecks.


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