ProPropertyNewsLDA Officials Face Violent Assault from Locals During Lahore Encroachment Drive

LDA Officials Face Violent Assault from Locals During Lahore Encroachment Drive

LAHORE: A joint operation by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and local police faced violent resistance on Monday, as they moved to dismantle over 26 unauthorized residential subdivisions in the Mauza Thay Panju and Mauza Jaidu areas. These areas are part of the designated LDA City Housing project.

The operation was met with aggression from a large group, reportedly incited by announcements from local clerics. Eight officials, including five police officers, were injured in the ensuing confrontation. Additionally, three LDA vehicles and three police buses were damaged, forcing the team to retreat.

The operation aimed to remove the illegal scheme’s office, roads, and other infrastructure. While initial resistance was minimal, the situation took a turn for the worse when some individuals falsely claimed to local religious leaders that the LDA planned to demolish a nearby religious seminary.

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This misinformation led to a gathering of approximately 200 people, some of whom were armed. The crowd attacked the officials with stones, clubs, and even resorted to firing shots in the air.

Despite the violence, no formal complaint was filed against the attackers as of the latest reports. Lahore Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa, who also holds the position of LDA DG, denounced the violent act and urged for a case to be registered.

This incident underscores the persistent problem of illegal subdivisions, often referred to as ‘china cuttings’, in Lahore. There have been accusations of LDA officers being complicit in these illegal activities. Past attempts to address these illicit developments have also been met with resistance, highlighting the difficulties in tackling this issue.

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