ProPropertyNewsLDA Ordered to Complete Lahore Bridge Expansion Project by May 31

LDA Ordered to Complete Lahore Bridge Expansion Project by May 31

LAHORE: The government has directed the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to complete the Lahore Bridge (Qainchi) Expansion Project by May 31 to resolve the issue of traffic congestion in Lahore.

Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa stated during a meeting on Monday that there would be no compromise on the deadline and that the LDA’s engineering wing must complete the project by May 31 and open it for traffic.

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The government has also demanded the completion of other ongoing projects, including the Gulshan Ravi-Samanabad underpass, as per the set deadline.

The Lahore Bridge project was expected to be completed in September 2022, but the addition of a two-lane overhead bridge slowed the process.

Source: DAWN


    1. The underpass at nishter colony is direly needed, there is always congestion that cause wastage of time and fuel and add multiple other issues like environment and psychological

  1. Kindly look into the matter regarding North Lahore Jora pull underpass or flyovers,,because Jura pull chowk is supposed to be hub to link Airport,,Main Canal through Herbence pura Road,,,Railway Station and Barki Road.on Jura pull chowk all the time,,specially in peak hours,,traffic tightly stuck in spite of traffic warden controll

  2. Lahore is a ill planned &Polluted city of the country .. Going to more Rough & Backward life style .. poor Quality of Life .
    Ooops .. Sialkot is a small city but much better

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